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Costanian language - why?
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Shortly about the intentions that led to creating Costanian language
This public article was written by Adam Burianek on 3 Jun 2017, 11:21.

[comments] I love learning new languages. In fact, I try to learn basics of some language every year. Usually I'm using Duolingo or just googling the articles about that language. And through the times, as I was learning new language, I realized one thing I was surprised about. There was no language with easy rules of grammar or pronunciation. In every language are some irregularities, tongue twists, etc.

At that moment, I realized that it would be awesome to create a language that has no irregularities, that is simple to pronunciate and has simple grammar rules. But this conlanging idea has its base in my childhood, when I created my own fantasy lands and therefore I tried to create languages that are spoken in these lands. Once, I made up the land of Costania. With using just papers and markers, I was drawing a map of this land and then I realized that it needs a language.

I started to making up simple words. However, later I didn't have so much time to continuing with conlanging, as I studied and had some other activities. But finally, about 3 years ago, I returned to this conlang. My aim was to simplifying it and build a vocabulary. So I started to write words into an Excel. Then I found a Facebook group "Conlangs" and I was happy that there is a community of people with same interests. That encouraged me to continue with conlanging.

Now, I'm building vocabulary and I hope that at one moment, I will introduce Costanian as an alternative to natlangs. :)
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