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CWM 2015: Osua(ven?)
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Osua Mebeyue Isyo yn CWM
This public article was written by Allos Eostri, and last updated on 7 Feb 2015, 01:44.

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This article is a work in progress! Check back later in case any changes have occurred.

Iyauĉ ifco poeso pea nes sinie ifsevoe yuj osula. Orusonji -- iarno soguanya sine -- su lumejo osulaje quilievio. Naves bivem kio; poese elspar josu healyejan.

Osuan piesa escivue oejar ne escimio, orsu ney auna zuĵöle kaün belie kleponar. Kraimspodie ne -- ocuat -- ausa addinen, voktem ine lascutaje. Escive kannia kejijo josio kejan. Vokto ompin piosu abbio. Bolivan faitu ken loicevrar ment. Avagaven yn hame morinyav, iĵeci voktem piesa yer kio lito. Inespo ausa josio yer.

Imyartu, Dolfvar Raĉ Kraimspodie avevoes . Joune dasoguas josoe iantejan, sce Raĉ koe 'my. Soguav poese potlaqoen -- soguas mins poesu uise. Bivo, hensuar, potlaquaje koes. Dolfvar Raĉ quatevage bivar koes. Havoem, bivartu quasse joe.

Ora senera tal Dolfvar Raĉ cauni, escive toi; escima Raĉo ifco iyauĉ nes sinie ifsevoe yuj osulejan.

[top]First Project

I tell of a story when one had played with death. I've permission to recount this tale by Orusonji -- the God of Death himself. He's a man of great temper; I would not want to anger him.

Our tale starts in a small town, whereupon Summer air shall soon befall two months early. You see, in Kraimspod summer lingered, hot and blistering. It was a city not many could live. The heat became too much for them. But the rest of the year was bearable. The residents looked forward for autumn, even if it was hot even then. At least it wasn't summer.

Indeed, Mr Dolfvar had been living in Kraimspod. Nobody knew his age, but anyone could tell he was old. People respected him -- anyone could. He was healthy, kind and respectful. Dolfvar was a good worker. He worked on the farm, and did a good job of it.

Now that you know Mr Dolfvar, his city too, I can begin tell you the story of this gentleman who played with death.


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