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Noun Classes
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This public article was written by theotheo, and last updated on 28 Jul 2018, 15:24.

[comments] Cazenian nouns (and pronouns) are classified into two super-classes - the "rational", and the "non-rational" - which include a total of six classes. Humans and deities are classified as "rational", and all other nouns (animals, objects, abstract nouns) are classified as non-rational. The "rational" nouns and pronouns belong to one of three classes - masculine, feminine, and collective. The collective form for rational nouns may be used as an honorific, gender-neutral, singular form. The "non-rational" nouns and pronouns belong to one of three classes - natural, artificial and collective. Classes are often indicated through definite articles.
(ust)ust "son"(poc')poc' "daughter"(dit')dit' "child"(ploss)ploss "river"(scun)scun "house"(almit)almit "wool"
Nominative (za) (ust) za ust(ze) (poc') ze poc'(zay) (dit') zay dit'(ra) (ploss) ra ploss(ras) (scun) ras scun(ri) (almit) ri almit
Genitive (zan) (ust) zan ust(zen) (poc') zen poc'(zayn) (dit') zayn dit'(ran) (ploss) ran ploss(ras) (scunen) ras scunen(rin) (almit) rin almit
Dative (zag) (ust) zag ust(zeg) (poc') zeg poc'(zayg) (dit') zayg dit'(rag) (ploss) rag ploss(ras) (scung) ras scung(rig) (almit) rig almit
Accusative (zaz) (ust) zaz ust(zez) (poc') zez poc'(zayz) (dit') zayz dit'(raz) (ploss) raz ploss(ras) (scunz) ras scunz(riz) (almit) riz almit
Instrumental (zav) (ust) zav ust(zev) (poc') zev poc'(zayv) (dit') zayv dit'(rav) (ploss) rav ploss(ras) (scunv) ras scunv(riv) (almit) riv almit
Locative (zal) (ust) zal ust(zel) (poc') zel poc'(zayl) (dit') zayl dit'(ral) (ploss) ral ploss(rals) (scun) rals scun(ril) (almit) ril almit
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