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The Cirtunese People - Overview
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Quick Insight into the Cirtunese History and Philosophies
This public article was written by Cirton Historian, and last updated on 29 May 2020, 13:31.

This article is a work in progress! Check back later in case any changes have occurred.


In the world of Mizen, a man named Koraihen travelled his world and gathered knowledge from all peoples.
He noticed that there was much that could be learned from each and every culture, and strove to unite his world peacefully.
However, his timing was not good enough, for many countries would soon face wars for numerous reasons: natural resources, ethnicity, fear, hatred, and many others.
Koraihen then travelled once more, to warn the world about the incoming tragedies, and to gather followers from different backgrounds.
He was unsuccessful in stopping the wars. However he did manage to unite some people. Those were the first Cirtunese.
Koraihen and his followers then moved into a remote, barely hospitable continent and isolated themselves for many generations.


- The Cirtunese are mainly philosophers.
-- Meditation is part of the daily routine.
-- The main objectives of most people are:
--- To improve themselves each day
--- To keep their mental balances of Emotion and Rationality, as well as other balances that each person may have.
-- They have a spectrum-based view of positive and negative.
--- This is reflected in their language: Most words can fit into a "Level System", instead of having a "black and white" approach.
fi0 -> fa0 -> fu0 -> fwuu0 -> fwa0 -> fwii0
"Best" -> "Good" -> "Least good" -> "Least bad" -> "Bad" -> "Worst"
It is the same word (f-) but on different "levels"

- Cirtunese people crave for knowledge, and embrace complexity.
- The name cimqmh-tomN- /siʁtɔn̩/ was first used by The Eternal Leader Koraihen to describe his followers as:
-- "Seekers of [All the Order and Knowledge of the Unknown Space]"
--- The [Order] and [Knowledge] (hq-) refers to all scientific and magic knowledge in existence, including what is yet to be found
--- The [Unknown Space] (to-) refers to reality itself. The place we all strive to make sense of in order to survive.
-- This idea helped shape the Cirtunese Flag.

- The Cirtunese people try to be humanitarian and lawful.
-- The great majority of Cirtuneses will prioritise others, rather than them.
-- The stereotypical Cirtunese is a calm person most of the time, unless they are enjoying their passions.
-- Most Cirtunese people will judge others for their actions and knowledge, not for their ethnicity, race, country, religion, gender or economic background.
-- When dealing with those that caused some sort of trouble, the Cirtunese will seek impartial judgement on the matter.
--- This includes not punishing someone guilty by oneself (as one's judgement may be clouded by emotions), and instead asking for counsel and/or impartial intervention.
-- It is common for the Cirtunese people lend help to those less fortunate. Whether in economic, academic or psychological matters.

- The Cirtunese hierarchy system is based on one's knowledge and achievements on a given field, not on age, social status, or birthrights for example.
-- Cirtunese people know that positions of power come with heavy responsibilities, and not just benefits.
--- It is perfectly common for a person to lead others in a profession they know most about, but then be lead in another profession by a colleague that knows more about that profession, even if this colleague is younger or has worked for less years.
--- In the world of Mizen, the Cirton Union is likely to be one of the least corrupt countries. Mostly because of its philosophies, but also because of its different economy.
-- It is also common for Cirtunese workers to give up some positions of power to other capable people.
In a "higher" position, people are much more busy, and then have less time and energy to spend on their personal studies and leisure.
-- As a result of the aforementioned characteristics, the hierarchy is highly mobile.

- Much of their base-level work is automatised with either machines or magic.
-- Their focus is on "what matters" according to Cirtunese Philosophy: Their family and friends; The study and mastery of nature and human psyche.

- Most of the Cirtuneses are researchers of at least one field of science.
-- A great percentage of these are researching the human mind
-- Magic is just another field of science, which is subdivided into various groups.
--- Dimensional exploration is one such field of science.
---- Thanks to that, the Cirtunese Union now reaches a few different dimensions, where they keep a neutral stance and study the many types of peoples and technology encountered.
--- Thanks to the advances in Science and Magic, Koraihen has lived for over a thousand years.

- Cirtunese are mostly neutral in foreign affairs, only offering help to some peoples that wish to research new fields in order to improve themselves.
-- Once engaged in war, their objective is to end it as quickly as possible.
--- This calls for strategies focusing on cutting enemies' supplies and breaking their unity and coordenation.
"Rather than killing them, we shall focus on making it difficult for them to attack us." - Koraihen
-- They may help others economically, but only if the State being aided is judged to be in grave danger.

- Cirton is ultimately an "artificial" ethnicity.
-- People from different parts of the world worked together to create the nation in a mostly inhospitable land.
-- The Union is held by many shared ideals, including:
--- Together for the balance of personal liberties with collective duties.
--- Union against unnecessary extremism.
--- Union against "reality".
According to Cirtunese philosophy, many "natural" things are "hard-wired" to cause problems to oneself and/or others. And so, another balance kept by the Cirtunese is that of naturalism and artificiality.

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