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how to at least seem friendly
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Interruption (taftamsannis) said in passing (ex. walking by someone in the street)
Encounter (tafsekselak) said to suggest initiation of an exchange
Return (taftamfasap) said to respond to an Interruption or to close an Encounter

[edit] [top]Vocabulary

fortune (mal (mal))
misfortune (afej (afej))
be/feel (tamoilas (tamoilas))
have/possess (seklon (seklon))
take (away) (sekesaoss (sekesaoss))
give (sekfina (sekfina))
“interrupting” - to interrupt, stop, block (tamsannis (tamsannis))
“encounter” - to encounter, stop, find (sekselak (sekselak))
“returning” - to return/come back (tamfasap (tamfasap))

[edit] [top]Greetings

I hope you feel fortunate.
I hope you have fortune (now).
ilanalonitef (et) mal jan
2SSecond person singular (person)
addressee (you)
.PRSPresent tense (tense)-have-OPTOptative (mood)
'wish, hope'
(now) fortune ACCAccusative (case)
TRANS direct object; patient

Do you feel fortunate (now)?
- I feel fortunate.
> I do.
> I have fortune.
- I feel unfortunate.
> I do not.
> I have misfortune.

I hope you give fortune.
I hope you take away misfortune.

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