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This private article was written by [Deactivated User] on 6 Sep 2017, 07:50.

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Today, the Chalyl Security Council announced its intention to enforce proposed visa restrictions on all visiting Qgamic citizens. The response was met with disappointment by the QNP and the populace at large. Prime Minister Šaaĝ Khwor released the following statement:

"It is regretful that Chalyl would take such extreme and immediate actions which are detrimental to both the political and economical relations between the two nations. Qgam and Chalyl have enjoyed 60 years of peace. That Chalyl has chosen to reevaluate that peace is truly disappointing. We will consider the best way for our nation to move forward."

It remains unclear if Chalyl will impose similar visa restrictions on other nations that reject Liosol's free-border proposal. The QNP has yet to release an official statement detailing its response to Chalyl's border restriction, but insiders

Public opinion "How can anyone believe they support free border movement when they're setting up the most restrictive border control operation in all of Soltenna?"

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