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Argeyazic Religion
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Vague ideas
This public article was written by Yrieix Groulx, and last updated on 10 Jul 2017, 23:22. Editing of this article is shared with Argeyaz Bay.

[comments] So I don't know how Iovist Hemesh is supposed to be but just in case I've back-derived and invented some stuff for an ancient Argeyazic religion; the Algazi religion is descended form that but with hella Adzamasi and Iovist influence. Names and words are based on their Algaz ones

So here goes:

Dieties (axan):

Earth Goddessconsidered dead by Algazis
AqserSea Goddess
Lake and River DietiesChildren of the sea goddess Aqser
IkyutSky Godsky and wind
SunSon of sky god Ikyut
MoonDaughter of sky god Ikyut
Rain God(dess)Rain and storms; merged into Ikyut for Algazis
Plant Deities ("mothers")each one believed to be the ancestor of a given species of plant; merged as Yena'a for Algazis
Animal Deities ("fathers")each one believed to be the ancestor of a given species of animal, merged into goat father Rasyun for Algazis
God(dess) of Deathsee below

In addition to the gods, there are two kinds of spirits: tahen refers to a spirit of a thing or place, while motyur refers to the soul of a person that moves around or whatever. So basically when you die your body is cremated to release the soul (otherwise it'll decay with the body), which is received by the God(dess) of Death at their palace in the Baredinian Desert. Death is a hospitable figure here, taking in those who choose to remain (the desert could be believed to be a whole city populated by the dead? hence its barreness) while those who choose to leave are free to. Reincarnation in the Algazi belief system would come from Iovism, with mazuran as broken and malignant (as opposed to just generically dead)
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