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Brythonig Pronouns
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This public article was written by [Deactivated User], and last updated on 6 Jun 2016, 16:13.

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Menu 1. Personal Pronouns 2. Possessive Pronouns

[edit] [top]Personal Pronouns

1st psn sing. iymymy
2nd psn sing. tutyty
3rd psn sing. il, elly, laluil, el
1st psn pl. nunyny
2nd psn pl. gwugwygwygwû
3rd psn pl. il, elly, laluil, el
reflexive -sysy

[edit] [top]Possessive Pronouns

1st psn sg. mymiw, mia, mio
2nd psn sg. tytw, twa, two
3rd psn sg. sysw, swa, swo
1st psm pl. nostrnostr, nwstr
2nd psn pl. gwostrgwostr, gwstr
3rd psn pl. lurllur
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