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Lesson #1
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Basgitian Phonology and Orthography
This public article was written by [Deactivated User], and last updated on 13 Jun 2020, 13:27.

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In this lesson (which is totally useless just btw) I'll be covering the basics of  Basgitian phonology and orthography.

[edit] [top]Vowels

Basgitian only has 3 vowels, two of which have a nasal variation. Below is a table showing these:

Close-mido - õ
Opena - ã

[edit] [top]Consonants

There are 11 consonants in Basgitian, including 3 loan-word phonemes and 1 non-distinct letter:

Plosivep - bgʔ1
Lateral approximant(l)

1This is written as <x> in Basgitian orthography.

- The max syllable structure is CVVC. Cross-syllable consonant clusters of up to two consonants are allowed
- /a/ and /o/ are nasalised after /b/ and /p/
- /ʕ/ is inserted before a word-initial vowel
- There are no diphthongs

So uh, yeh. I'll add more stuff when I think of it :P
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