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The Haarmet Galaxy
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This public article was written by 藤咲瑠奈, and last updated on 4 Jan 2020, 22:00.

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The Haarmet Galaxy is a field dwarf spiral galaxy(type SAd). The galaxy is composed of about one billion stars and spans 30,000 light years.

The Haarmet Galaxy does not have a central bar, and it has very extended spiral arms.

The Haarmet Galaxy is located near the centre of the Haarmet Void, it does not belong to any galaxy clusters and has no satellite galaxies either, the nearest galaxies to the Haarmet Galaxy are approximately 100 million light years away from the centre of the Haarmet Galaxy.

Despite being a dwarf galaxy, the Haarmet Galaxy is metal-rich, its metallicity is comparable to that of the Milky Way galaxy. Start formation in the Haarmet Galaxy is slowing as star-forming gas in the interstellar medium is running out, and the Haarmet Galaxy has a relatively low gas mass. There are at least 17 globular clusters in the Haarmet Galaxy.

The name Haarmet derived from  Yungchangese, which literally means "sky river" in  Yungchangese.

Homan(the Earth of the 5th World) is the only planet with sentient beings in the Haarmet Galaxy, and possibly the only habitable planet in the galaxy. The name Homan is from the  Egeriac word for "the world"

Homan is dwelt by human beings, both indigenous ones and those from Urantia(our world), and humans are the only known sentient being native to Homan(and thus the whole Haarmet Galaxy). Indigenous languages of Homan include  Ame Language,  Unknown [XAZ] and  Yungchangese, languages brought by humans from Urantia include  Town Speech(aka. Urban Basanawa)- Plattdytch. The total population of Homan is around 1.5 billion people, in contrast with the 7.5 billion people of Urantia.

An image of galaxy NGC 5949, which is thought to resemble the Haarmet Galaxy in appearance.
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