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Maxspeak Description
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A short description of Maxspeak phonology and grammar
This public article was written by [Deactivated User], and last updated on 29 May 2018, 02:40.

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n /n/
p /p/
t /t/
k /k/
s /s/
l /l/


i /i/
u /u/
a /a/

Syllable structure is CV.

Parts of speech:

> Noun
> Verb
> Modifier
> Preposition
> Conjunction
> Numeral
> Interjection
> Particle

Modifiers encompass what would be adjectives, adverbs, and intransitive verbs in English.

A sentence may consist of a verb preceded by an optional subject and followed by an optional object.

A sentence may consist of a noun followed by a modifier.

A sentence may consist of a noun followed by a preposition optionally followed by an object.

Two nouns may be grouped together, in which the second noun is of or pertaining to the first noun.

Modifiers may be placed before a word to modify it.

Prepositions may be placed in between two nouns or at the end of a clause and before a noun.

Conjunctions may join phrases, predicates, and clauses.

A numeral phrase consists of a sequence of numeral words. Numeral phrases behave as modifiers.

The particle 'ku' may be placed before a word or clause to turn it into a noun.
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