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Ekleya tenses
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This public article was written by Elunia, and last updated on 13 Apr 2021, 11:05.

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Distant Pastee ee
Paste e
Presentu u(In old translations was: "se")
Futureo o
Distant Futureoo oo
Present Continuousjåu jåu
Past Continuousjåe jåe
Future Continuousjåo jåo
Past Perfectnve nveUsed where in english Present Perfect is used. For the english past perfect Distant Past is used
Future Perfectnvo nvo
Perfect Continuous
Past Perfect Continuousnvjåe nvjåe
Future Perfect Continuousnvjåo nvjåo
Past and Presenteu euHappened in the past, happens now but won't happen in future
Present and Futureuo uo
Future in the Pasteo eoStraight analogue of english 'would'
Eternalhëu hëuHappens all the time
Factuala a
ehje ehje"Once upon a time"
oso oso"One day ... will ..."
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