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CCL and Uixian
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a brief history
This public article was written by fractalshadow, and last updated on 24 Dec 2018, 00:56.

[comments] Menu 1. The Chromatic Cave Language and Uixian
[top]The Chromatic Cave Language and Uixian

The connection between the Ozairan ethnic group and the non-human creatures called Uixo

The humans who used  Chromatic Cave Language, the Ozairans, mostly kept to themselves. Outsiders ignored them, resulting in a very isolated society. Over time, the Ozairans developed connections to the Uixo, a non-human sentient species that lived in the darkest, deepest parts of the caves. The Uixo are a soft and slimy species with stretchy flesh that resembles gelatin. They come in shades of yellow-green and light blue. The Uixo are highly adapted to their subterranean homes:

  • their large eyes detect light levels and movement and little else
  • they depend on the humidity in the cave to maintain their soft skin
  • the air in the cave contains a lot of bacteria that is necessary for their health

Over time the two very different groups became close allies.

Belzetha was the last CCL scribe. She survived the plague that wiped out her tribe purely by accident, due to being banished. One of the few possessions she was allowed to keep were wooden logogram stamps. After travelling underground for months, she happened upon an enclave of Uixo and was adopted into their clan.

Belzetha used CCL logograms to write in the Uixian language. In this manner, she documented her new life. She had a very difficult time adjusting to her new surroundings. The Uixo themselves were polite and friendly – but their living conditions are very harsh by human standards.

The Uixo themselves were interested in her doings, but they could not see the colorful logograms. She showed them roughly how the logograms work by carving them into cave walls or pressing the stamps into the Uixos’ soft bodies, allowing them to feel the shape of the logograms. She ended up developing a type of Uixian that used CCL logograms, stamped into the Uixos themselves as a form of adornment. The shape remained for several hours.

In conclusion, CCL and Uixian are not actually related. But CCL has been used to write Uixian.
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