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Origins of Lemel
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Why Lemel is the way it is?
This public article was written by nauris0355, and last updated on 28 Dec 2018, 13:47.

[comments] The main objective in the beginnings of Lemel was to make it the perfect language - it would be very logical and nearly impossible to misunderstand (id est, a loglang) but still beautiful in sound (id est, an artlang (or something like that)).
In order to make it highly logical we needed to understand what makes something misunderstandable. For example, double negative - native speakers of languages that have double negative tend to speak other languages as if those too would have a double negative or even sometimes mess up using double negative in their native tounge. Another popular problem might be understanding the difference between instrumental and instrumental-comitative as many languages do not have any distinctions (or any of the two cases at all). To avoid such misunderstandings Lemel needed to have broad vocabulary and many grammatical forms to cover every option.
We wanted Lemel to be beautiful and for that we needed to understand what do people find beautiful in a language. Italian and Estonian are considered one of the most beautiful languages in the world so we looked at them and started searching for the thing that makes them special. What we found - they are very "musical" with mostly voiced sounds. We also realised that we need to avoid fricatives and affricatives as in our opinion those sound dark and threatening (some studies have even found that people describe languages that have a lot of fricatives and affricatives as sounding "more threatening" or dangerous/agressive (exampli gratia Russian - it has many fricatives and affricatives such as ш, х, щ, ч, ф).
Those were our goals as of beginning of work with Lemel. The language is still quite new and there is a lot of work to be done, but we hope for the best results - a nice conlang that people enjoy speaking.
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