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Mamosian Romanization
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Differences in the two major romanization systems for Mamosian, however minor they are.
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Mamosian has two different systems of romanization, namely Standard Romanization and Abbreviated Romanization. While both look similar at first glance, they have differences in how they render certain fricatives as shown in the table below:

/x/Before back vowelsHX

In short, every digraph in SR can be written as the first letter thereof with an acute accent in AR (e.g. SR's SH becomes AR's Ś). SR's X is written as H only when it appears before any back vowel (A, O, U), but this does not apply in AR.

Normally, Standard Romanization is used since the Carabic Empire is a counterpart to OTL's Roman Empire; this system helps strengthen certain parallels between this language and Latin. However, for the purpose of convenience Abbreviated Romanization will be used on CWS.
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