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Stressing in Mesyar
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Where to stress a word in Mesyar
This public article was written by YɔhLlɔmɔ, and last updated on 4 Nov 2018, 12:41.

12. Numbers
13. Pronouns
21. Yuantju
Menu 1. Stress on Words 2. Proper Nouns 3. Irregularities
[top]Stress on Words

In Mesyar, most nouns end in a, å, e, o or r. Those nouns that end in a vowel are always stressed on the second last syllable, except when the noun is monosyllabic. When a noun ends in "or", is the last syllable the one that is stressed. When a noun ends in "år", the third last syllable is stressed. Every other possible ending makes the noun stressed on its second last syllable. When a noun is plural, the stress is placed where it would have been when singular.
Verbs, unlike nouns, can end in any letter making it possible to have a lot of different combinations of words. Verbs in their infinitive form, with the affix "ka", are stressed on the second last syllable if there are at least two syllables after "ka", if there is only one syllable after "ka", it's the last syllable the one stressed. Once the verb is conjugated, the rules of stressing changes. If an already conjugated verb has more than two syllables, then, the third or second last syllable is stressed. There is an exception to this rule, when the verb is conjugated in the present tense in thrid person (e-), the second last syllable is always stressed, unless the newly conjugated verb only has two syllables, in which case, the first syllable us stressed. Those conjugated verbs that are shorter than three syllables are always stressed on the syllable that is the farthest from the last one.
Adjectives are stressed according to their conjugation, every adjective that is on its simplest form is stressed on the second last syllable. Every adjective conjugated in any form that describes the object while it not being visible is stressed on the last syllable. Every other conjugation of an adjective is stressed on the second last syllable.
Any other word that isn't a proper noun, a noun, an adjective, or a verb, is stressed on the second last syllable, or on the last syllable when monosyllabic.

[top]Proper Nouns

Proper nouns don't have any specific rule for stressing, the can be stressed on any of their syllables, it is just a matter of memorization. Usually, the names of countries, rivers, oceans or any other geographical feature, are stressed on the second last syllable.


Stressing in Mesyar is pretty easy, and even if you don't stress the words on the right place, you will stil be understood, still, there are some irregularities that don't follow the rule of stress, but, since there is no rule for them, you just have to learn where to stress those irregular words.
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