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Time Measurement on Boden
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how the calendar and other time units work
This public article was written by pachelbel, and last updated on 15 Jul 2018, 04:30.

[comments] The planet Boden orbits its star Clespix with a period of 27.75 Earth years. This length of time is called a nansha, or era, and is not generally used for measurement in daily life due to its length and the lack of seasons on Boden; it has mostly astronomical, and therefore navigational, significance.

The modern Bodin calendar measures time in much shorter, 256-day cycles, which do not generally sync up to the Bodin orbit. The word for this length of time, shedra, I have chosen to translate as "epoch".
Each epoch contains 8 32-day sub-epochs (the equivalent of months - but Bodin has no moon), one of which is a mast.
16 epochs form a tonakh, or sedecade*. This is the rough equivalent of an Earth decade in usage, although it's more like 12.2 Earth years. The Bodin age of majority (although given that they're still humans, not necessarily maturity) is typically around 24 epochs, or 18.3 Earth years.

Every 50 epochs, there is one leap day, or chedux, except every fifth time this happens when it is delayed by one epoch. Occasionally another leap day may be added as needed. This allows the Bodin orbit to sync up to the calendar with exactly 7 orbits passing every 251 epochs.
This cycle gives rise to the last large unit of time measurement: the khenakh, or zenzury**. This 251-epoch (190.6 Earth years) period is the equivalent of a century, and the same year of any zenzury will have the stars in the same position.

The last sedecade of each zenzury is a short sedecade (tonakh tordun) containing only 11 epochs. Since the Bodin use base 16, epochs of a zenzury FC through FF (251 through 255, having started counting at zero) are possible to write as a date, but nonexistent as actual dates since it rolls over at epoch FB/250. In fiction, setting something in these years is often used as a shorthand for "this isn't set in any specific time period", similar to Earth fiction being set in "year 20XX".

One Boden day (ched) is about 26 Earth hours, slightly longer than Earth's. Smaller units of time are the shara ("hour", but 49 Earth minutes long), of which there are 32 per day, and the metu ("minute", but about 61 Earth seconds), of which there are 48 per shara/hour.

Some other Bodin time terms are tentei "time period, a while", ponu "moment", and teis "time" (as a concept).

* Like a decade, but using the 16 prefix "sede-" instead of the 10 prefix "dec-", to denote 16 calendar cycles instead of 10.
** Portmanteau of "century" with "zenzic", an obsolete word for "squared", since hypothetically it would be 256 epochs if not for the orbit stuff, and there's no prefix I could find for 256 (nor for 251). Could also be translated as "eon", but by the time I thought of that I had already come up with "zenzury" and liked the sound of it too much.
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[link] [quote] 22-Jan-18 06:52
CWS Conlanger
The previous article, translated into Bodin.

Calar senne-Boden rukhtanan-Clespix tui 1B.C nanshasu Tirdisoin. Chitar na-tentei nansha, ei toiplinodi na chedroi ci soishons ei shas tenteisun lencun-ei-calaren nei Boden; cabashinceinan soxi cesuscein ei cra caparkhacein.

Meilir chedradei Bodin shacluin can shponusu tordun ruishui chedsu-100n, de toisachcirnasu can cala Bodin. Chitar na-tentei shedra.
Shedra mein tenei mastsu-8, chedsu-32n.
Tonakh mein tenei shedrasu-16. Na tortesh nanshasu-C.3 Tirdisoin. Pri camaxucein Bodin (tei di maxuin, cui shocui toimaxun) shedrasu-18, oi nanshasu-12.4 Tirdisoin.

Shedrasu-32 mein tenei chedux 1, cui stei munnan mein deparna shedra 1. Cabe chedux rennan dixtei chei na nichin. Ci na ru, sachcir cala Bodin ei chedradei, ni roi nanshasu-7 shedrasu-FB.
Race shponu tentei meilin soishon serui: khenakh. Nan shedrasu-FB, nanshasu-BE.A. Shlonu shedra durnin mein khenakh mein ru rukhtasu nei stush durnin.

Tonakh romuin khenakhin mein tonakh tordun, tenei shedrasu-A danshui.

Roi ched-1 Bodin sharasu-1A Tirdisoin. Tenteisu tordun rui shara (tenei metu-31 Tirdisoin), de nasu-20 tei ched, ei metu (tenei snidusu-3D Tirdisoin), de nasu-30 tei shara.
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