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Grammar 3
This public article was written by [Deactivated User], and last updated on 28 Apr 2018, 01:28.

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In Crystalandien, adejtives are kind of difficult. They have gender and number, as the nouns.

First, the position of the adjetives isn't important. Adjective can be after or before the noun.
But, there's a order of adjetives: Opinion, Size, Shape, Status, Age, Colour, Origin, Material.

This may be the hardest part of adjetives. An adjetive is masculine and singular when it doesn't finish in "ee/ees" or "es".
You can make a masculine adjetive to a femenine adjetive adding "ee"; however, it has some rules:

1. If the adjetive finishes in any letter, just add "-ee". Examples: frai -> fraiee, grish -> grishee.
2. If the adjetive finishes in letter "e", just add "-e". Examples: haute -> hautee, monde -> mondee.
3. If the adjetive finishes in letter "y" or "i", delete it and add "-ee". Examples: geluri -> geluree , raidy -> raidee.
4. If the adjetive finishes in letter "c", delete it and change it to "-quee". Examples: lanc -> lanquee, louc -> louquee.
5. A few of adjetives finish in letter "è", delet it and add "-ee".

The adjetive "femenine" /fomme/, doesn't change.

This is easier than gender for making the plural. If the adjetive is femenine ("-ee"), just add "-s". Examples: fauee -> fauees, ancientee -> ancientees.

But, if the adjetive is masculine, there are some rules:

1. Normally, just add "-s" to the adjetive. Examples: jantil -> jantils, houte -> houtes.
2. If the adjetive ends in letter "s", "x", "sh" or "ch", just add "-es". Examples: etranch -> etranches, bash -> bashes.

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