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2. Animacy
Menu 1. Introduction 2. What falls into each category?
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In Formanian there are two degrees of animacy which nouns can fall under - animate and inanimate. These noun classes decline slightly differently, the most notable difference being that inanimate nouns have no distinct plural forms.

[top]What falls into each category?

Animate nouns consist mostly of animals and forces of nature. Certain types of plant are also classed as animate nouns, specifically those that blow in the wind. However, there are a few additional animate nouns outside of these categories. For example, ömir and eral refer to not only the heart and brain/mind respectively, but also to different parts of the soul in Parraic culture; both of these nouns are classed as animate nouns. lät, meaning 'star,' is another interesting exception.

As for inanimate nouns, they include all nouns that are not animate, as well as all mass nouns.
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