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The Anaige System of Measurement
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This public article was written by astrangemann on 12 Apr 2019, 13:46.

1. Anthems
The Anaige is a historic system of measurement, having been used for 2000 years since its conception. This system is used in Calutia, half of the Thumish Union, and Korihim, being the usual method for measuring by people there. An Anaige is described as 6.77 inches (17.2 centimeters) long, but it also has other variants. The Juviitanaige (Dźuviitanaige) is 64 times longer than an Anaige, the Kijutanaige (Khidźuthanaige) is 4,096 times longer than an Anaige, and the Kozhitanaige (Khoźithanaige) is 1/64th the length of an Anaige.

The origin of the Anaige was, at the old Sakarjin Palace, newborn babies were measured atop a balcony on that palace with the mountain that balcony was facing, Mt. Anaige, as the reference point for height. Then, a friend of the then-emperor of the time came to that balcony with a piece of wood, and sawed it right at where he could see the mountain's summit. He called it the Anaige block. He would do a lot of his measuring with that block, and gradually it took off. It got tick marks for the divisions of an Anaige and it got variations, like the aforementioned Juvitanaige, Kijutanaige, and Kozhitanaige. Eventually, the Anaige would be used to measure liquid, and even weight!

Measuring weight, in the old days, was as simple as using a tall scale with rope. One would put an object to be weighed on one of the little plates held by the ropes, and from the center of the scale, you would take a ruler and measure how far the unused plate went up. Whichever Kozhitanaige that plate was at, was its weight. That term for weight is called an Anaisol.

Volume is another story. Like weight, it has its own term different from the standard Anaige. And that is an Anakchuk. An Anakchuk is an Anaige cubed of liquid. If the jug happened to be one half an Anaige wide and long, that Anakchuk of liquid would be 4 Anaige tall. If the jug was 2 Anaige wide and long, that Anakchuk of liquid would be one fourth an Anaige tall.

But the Anaige, Anakchuk, and Anaisol are only their names in Calutia. In half of the Thumish Union, they're called Garlet, Garachek, and Garziyen, and in Korihim, they're known as the Evuk (Evık), Evechok (Evecök), and Evunsok (Evınsok).
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