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Phonotactics in Uzerian
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This public article was written by Ahzoh, and last updated on 23 Sep 2017, 02:37.

This article is a work in progress! Check back later in case any changes have occurred.

Peripheral + Coronal
/pt/, /pθ/, /pɬ/, /bd/, /ɸt/, /βd/
/kt/, /kθ/, /kɬ/, /gd/, /xt/, /ɣd/
/qt/, /χt/

Peripheral + Peripheral
/kp/, /gb/, /xp/, /ɣb/

Peripheral + Sonorant
/pr/, /pʀ/, /pl/, /br/, /bʀ/, /bl/
/kr/, /kʀ/, /kl/, /gr/, /gʀ/, /gl/, /xɹ/, /xl/, /ɣɹ/, /ɣl/

Approximant + Coronal
/jt/, /jd/
/wt/, /ws/, /wd/, /wz/

Approximant + Sonorant
/jm/, /jn/
/wm/, /wn/, /wɹ/, /wr/, /wʀ/, /wl/

Peripheral + Coronal
/pt/, /pθ/, /pɬ/, /ɸt/
/kt/, /kθ/, /kɬ/, /xt/, /xs/, /ɣz/
/qt/, /χt/, /χs/

Dorsal + Coronal
/çt/, /çs/, /ʝd/, /ʝz/

Peripheral + Peripheral
/xk/, /ɣg/

Sonorant + Fricative
/ɹs/, /ɹz/, /ɹç/, /ɹʝ/, /ɹx/, /ɹɣ/, /ɹχ/
/rs/, /rz/, /rç/, /rʝ/, /rx/, /rɣ/, /rχ/
/ls/, /lz/, /lç/, /lʝ/, /lx/, /lɣ/, /lχ/
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