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Do you kiss your mothers with that mouth?
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Bad language in Rireinutire.
This public article was written by prettydragoon on 31 Jan 2016, 20:42.

This article is a work in progress! Check back later in case any changes have occurred.

Generally, profanity is based on scatology and menstruation. A typical interjection would be sumukuri': 'auspicious shit!' or sumuheyi': 'auspicious menstrual cramp!'

Insults also draw from the general pool of profanity. There are with insulting comparisons in particular three degrees of insult, in order of increasing severity: to insult a person herself, to insult her comother, and to insult her birthmother. For example, with the word kuripeña 'shit-for-brains':
kuripeña': 'you shit-for-brains!'
kuripeñano sana': 'you codaughter of a shit-for-brains!'
kuripeñano poya': 'you birthdaughter of a shit-for-brains!'

Another common form of insult is the order to do something demeaning. The pragmatic equivalent of the English ”Fuck you!” is puvomu piri': 'lick (my) anus clean!' A milder version puts puvo in partitive case, puvona, to instruct the addressee merely to lick the speaker's anus, with no expectation of thoroughness. Another more compact insult is heyi': 'menstruate painfully!' especially popular when dealing with recalcitrant machinery, in which case it may be accompanied by physical attempts to knock some sense into the obdurate object.

Insulting nicknames for rival organisations and their members are a negative side of team spirit. These are usually a corrupted version of the rival's name. For example, "the Tigers" might be called "the Tiger Cubs" or "the Housecats" instead. A special case of this are the nicknames soldiers and sailors use of each other, the use of which doesn't necessarily end when persons are discharged at the end of their conscript service. A soldier is called kuya (small burrowing forest mammal with poor eyesight) and a sailor taso (herringlike fish, a major food staple).
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