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E Iodhámvaer Gogiodh
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Menu 1. Úló Agasté 2. Oartáiardhí 3. Golárdhí
[edit] [top]Úló Agasté

Agasté lá úomva!
Agasté is 'hello' or 'goodbye'. When meeting someone for the first time, you say agasté lá úomva.
Tá or an:
Tá or means 'about'. An is neuter 'me'.
Óniucei a már Ancacuóna.
Óniucei is the present 1st person singular of óniu, 'to be'. Names are often preceded with some title; in this case it is már 'person'.
Dhámvaer a Erávahal dhin.
Dhámvaer is 'to teach', which is in the 1st person future by default. Dhin is the neuter dative 'you'.
Dhámvaer huorólahas e oartádhavoir Erávahalail dhin.
Huorólahas is the locative of huoról 'today'. Oartádhavoir is 'nominative', 'nomino-accusative'. Erávahalail is the genitive of Erávahal.

[edit] [top]Oartáiardhí

In this lesson, the nominative and accusative cases will be introduced. Nouns are accusative by default, and do not recieve suffixes in that case.
Singular Neuterua
Singular Masculine
Singular Feminineeie

Nominative SuffixesConsonant-endingVowel-ending
Sg. Neuteruava
Sg. Masculineoa, óvoa
Sg. Feminineeolvea

1st Person Neuteran
1st Person Sg. Masculineor
1st Person Sg. Feminine
2nd Person Neuterdham
2nd Person Sg. Masculinedhor
2nd Person Sg. Femininedher

Pronouns, cont'dNominativeAccusative
3rd Neutersiansiana
3rd Sg. Masculinesiorsiora
3rd Sg. Femininesérsére

Proper nouns recieve articles, but not suffixes.
[edit] [top]Golárdhí

Listen to this conversation between Agólera and Prantaor, who have just met. New words are underlined.

Agólera: Agasté lá úomva. Prantaor: Agasté lá úomva. Óniueth u oartémárua ór ó Prantaor. Óniueth u oartémárua dhaer marcova? Agólera: Óniucei e maer Agólera. Óniueth ú ruoloa dhaor uó oa? Prantaor: Óniueth sian uó.

Oartémárneuter 'name', 'title (of a person)'
Órmasculine 'mine', 'my'
Dhaerfeminine singular 'your(s)'
Marcova'who', 'what name'
Maerfeminine 'woman'
Ruolmasculine 'day'
Dhaormasculine singular 'your(s)'
Uó'good quality', 'functional', formal 'good'
Oainterrogative particle
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