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Nasintoka Grammar
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This public article was written by WhileTrue, and last updated on 7 Apr 2019, 20:03.

[comments] Menu 1. Word Endings 2. Basic Sentence Structure 3. Plurality and Tense 4. Modifiers 5. Prepositions
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[top]Word Endings

The final vowel of a word indicates its part of speech.

-a: noun
-e: modifier
-i: particle
-o: verb
-u: preposition

[top]Basic Sentence Structure

Word order in Nasintoka is free due to the use of case markings.

Nouns in the nominative case are unmarked:

animala moko.
An animal eats.

Nouns in the accusative case are marked with '-n':

animala moko fuktan.
An animal eats fruit.

Nouns in the dative case are marked with '-k':

xoma tono fuktan animalak.
A person gives fruit to the animal.

Nouns in the instrumental case are marked with '-t':

xoma moko mokan folkat.
A person eats food with a fork.

In addition to a noun, the verb 'lo' (to be) may also be followed by a modifier or preposition.

xoma pone.
The person is good.

animala inu toma.
An animal is in the house.

[top]Plurality and Tense

Plural nouns are indicated with '-l':

animalal moko.
Animals eat.

Past tense and future tense verbs are marked with '-f' and '-x' respectively:

animala mokof.
An animal ate.

animala mokox.
An animal will eat.


Modifiers precede what they modify. They may modify nouns, verbs, prepositions, and other modifiers. Modifiers do not agree with their nouns for case.

pone xoma moko fuktan.
A good person eats fruit.

xoma moko pone fuktan.
A person eats good fruit.


A prepostional phrase consists of a preposition word followed by a noun phrase. Prepositional phrases may be placed before or after a sentence.

xoma moko inu toma.
A person eats in a house.

inu toma, xoma moko.
In a house, a person eats.
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