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Adding feedback, reports or suggestions
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This public article was written by Admin Sheep, and last updated on 16 Mar 2015, 22:58.

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1. For bugs or errors
2. For suggestions
3. For reports
4. Resolution to feedback

If you are logging feedback, reports or suggestions, there's a few things you need to provide to make sure we're able to complete the task. The below list is by no means exhaustive.

When you submit the report you will receive a notification message via CWS's personal message system. This will let you know that we have received your report and will provide you a link to check on the status/progress of the report.

[top]For bugs or errors

Bugs are where the site has not functioned as it is expected to. Please don't log a bug report if you've only used something for the first time and you're not used to what it should do (unless it's blatantly an error). You can also use this for fixing small mistakes like spelling errors, or small coding mishaps.

  • What you did when the error came up? (be specific)
  • What you expected it to do/what does it normally do?
  • What did it do wrong?
  • Provide an example (link to a word, set, summary page etc).
  • Is there anything else you can tell us so that we may recreate the issue?

[top]For suggestions

Use the suggestion option when there is something missing from CWS that you would like to see it have. Whether this is a full new feature/section of the site, or just an additional option or link somewhere etc.

  • What is your idea? (use detail)
  • Why is this something that CWS should have?
  • If applicable, how would it work?
  • Do you have the support of other members for this suggestion? (try starting a topic on the CWS community boards)
  • Is there anything else you can tell us to help your case?

[top]For reports

A report is where you think someone has done something wrong (whether on purpose or not) and it needs to be fixed, or the member should be warned/restricted/banned.

  • What happened?
  • Why is this incorrect/against CWS rules?
  • Do you know who did this?
  • Can you provide a link to the problem?
  • Is there anything else you can tell us to help your case?

[top]Resolution to feedback

Once your feedback has been logged it will be checked and assigned to the appropriate staff member to complete.

If we require further information regarding your feedback, we will private message you through CWS's mail system, so please remember to keep an eye out for the orange banner signalling a new message.

Please be aware that if you provide a report that is vague, unhelpful, rude, or in any way not a proper report, we reserve the right to reject the report without warning or notification.

On completion of the report, you will receive a notification message via CWS's personal message system. This will let you know that we have completed your report and will provide you notes left by the staff member regarding the resolution.

If the report resulted in a system change or a new feature being implemented, we will also probably mention this on the boards so that other people are aware of the update.

If you have any follow up queries, please message the staff member who completed the report (you can see this via the link provided in the confirmation message), or reply to the post on the board (if applicable).
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