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Cirtunese Will
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Poem Written by a Cirtunese Citizen
This public article was written by Cirton Historian, and last updated on 18 May 2020, 02:13.

This article is a work in progress! Check back later in case any changes have occurred.

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VI - vjqjco1 bqbchjc nje0jzmemc gl kje0twmcw.

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VIII - njijqjzqmn bqbzbite9e2.hjn-rmc tjqjijhqoa2.
IX - sjt-rmt vjko.tea2mrmemd sjva0
X - nua2mr bqbccjijhq-tomn.nqpmt gl dymn sjpjnqa0mt.

XI - kjtwmcw dyamlmn lao2mrmc
XII - cqa9 vjwjrq bcbqbcnjijzq.hjJqwmr.
XIII - zjgl dyaml bqbccjijhq-to9.lao2memr bqbccjJ dyemn tjojhea2mn.
XIV - hjqjgl dyaml hae2mr.kjojrai2-he9 hjcmnmqmh.
XV - dya bqbcsjpjnqa0-r dyemn.njJmr njqjijJmt-A

I - Koraihen is his name. His seal.
II - Known as The Eternal Leader.

III - Countless hardships did fate force upon him...
IV - Yet yield did he not. Yield could he not.
V - For reality's mercilessness did not only scar the Man.
VI - A strengthened and nigh unbreakable soul was the gradual result.

VII - Reality-breaking was his Vision,
VIII - a World of true freedom, and willful sunrises.
IX - His weapons in hand, his allies gathered,
X - Cirton was then born, both on land and in our hearts.

XI - Unbreakable is our Union,
XII - it matters not if the onslaught we resist is reality itself,
XIII - for we are Cirtunese, united by the truth of His discovery.
XIV - Thus do we word, in the name of Koraihen:
XV - I am thy heartbeat, still alive in this world!


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