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Assigning classes to words
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13. Pronouns
This page covers how to assign classes to words. Classes can be anything from marking how a verb conjugates or a noun declines, the gender, the animacy or anything else you want to categorise it by.

1. To start using classes for your words, you need to enable the 'class' field in your Dictionary settings.

2. Next step is to define what classes you want to have. You can do this in the first half of the Dictionary classes page. Enter the name of the classes into the textarea - one per line. Then click '+ Add to list'.

3. From here, the classes will be added to the list in the bottom half of the page. They will highlighted red as they will be incomplete. You cannot use classes unless the row is highlighted green. To do this, you need to specify a code for each class (for example, for masculine you might use m). Then save.

4. Now when you add or edit a word, you should have a drop-down box where you're able to select any classes that you want to assign to that word. All done!
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Please note that nobody is informed when people leave questions on system articles. If you need help, use the forums.
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Is there a way to assign a class to multiple parts of speech? I want my "animate" and "inanimate" classes to apply to both nouns and pronouns. Do I have to create separate classes for each of them?
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Can you explain classes a bit more please? A complete newb to language structure asking.
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