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Smaragdine Christmas Traditions
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Explaining various Smaragdine/Northern Emeraldian (and surrounding) Christmas traditions
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Due to the large Poopistani (and therefore German) influence, Smaragdine Christmas (Нукруфм) is traditionally celebrated from December 24th to December 26th. However, there are also several other holidays throughout December that are related to Christmas.


Таг Санкти Нивклосу
Like the rest of Poopistan, Smaragdine people celebrate St. Nicholas Day (Таг Санкти Нивклосу) on December 6th. Kids will get small presents like chocolate or small toys, usually hidden somewhere around the house.

On December 12th, Smaragdine people celebrate a holiday known as Цэнтродэцэмбэр (literally "middle of December") as a sort of halfway point between the start of the month and Christmas Eve. Nedr versions of the holiday often include small presents, while Smaragdine and Padlian celebrations usually only include meals.

On the evening of December 24th, kids will get presents and sing Christmas songs with their family. This is the day people are usually talking about when mentioning "Christmas".
During the next two days, people usually eat large meals and celebrate with their families and friends.


There are not many traditional Christmas meals, as many people just eat generic holiday foods such as Poopi cakes or glow berry flavoured khachapuri. However, there are some traditions related to food when it comes to presents. Everybody always receives at least one tangerine along with their presents (this is also sometimes done on St. Nicholas Day, although these are usually regular oranges). While the origin for the tradition is unknown, it has resulted in the fruit becoming a common Christmas symbol across the Smaragdine-, Padlian-, and Nedr-speaking regions.
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