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Many words come in sets of 5.
This public article was written by Louis Burke, and last updated on 8 Dec 2017, 19:41.

This article is a work in progress! Check back later in case any changes have occurred.
As Shmigan has only 5 vowels, often words are arranged along a 5-point scale with a vowel to be swapped in to each of them based on where they fall. The scale is always ordered: "ieaou". This article summarizes all of the 5-point scales in the language:

Coordinating Conjunctions (p%ls)
Fully Contrasting
i: but, yet
e: exclusive or
a: or
o: implies (logical implication)
u: and
Fully non-contrasting

Clusivity in groups (spr%ns)
Fully Included
i: among
e: with
a: throughout
o: without
u: out
Fully Excluded

Process (r%rks)
Fully Beginning
i: start
e: resume
a: continue
o: stop
u: finish
Fully Ending

Number types (see one)
Completely Direct
i: cardinal
e: ordinal
a: distributive
o: multiplicative
u: fractional
Completely Indirect

Graphic representations (pil%rps / pul%rps [verb forms])
Completely Abstract
i: sketch
e: drawing
a: painting
o: sculpture
u: image
Completely Real

Truth (sp%t / spr%t [noun forms])
Completely True
i: true
e: valid
a: unknown
o: invalid
u: false
Completely False

Probability (p%rxin)
Completely Guaranteed
i: guaranteed
e: likely
a: equiprobable
o: unlikely
u: impossible
Completely Impossible

Quality (korx%rth)
Completely Perfect
i: absolute
e: flawless / perfect
a: imperfect
o: flawed
u: corrupt
Completely Corrupt

Part of Whole (thl%lx)
Completely Whole
i: all
e: most
a: any
o: some
u: none
Completely Missing

Part of Whole - Undefined (thr%lx)
Completely Whole
i: totally
e: a lot
a: somewhat
o: a little
u: not at all
Completely Missing

Usability Modalities (sh%ks)
Note that negation is made as usual by ne-.
Completely Necessary
i: must
e: will
a: should
o: might
u: can
Completely Optional

Movement Directions (sn%rks)
Completely Arriving
i: come
e: approach
a: move
o: distance one's self from
u: leave
Completely Departing

Indicative Prepositions (thl%n)
Completely Away From
i: from
e: by
a: through
o: for
u: to
Completely Towards

Trees (sth%spashs)
Fully Trees
i: tree (-ins - forest)
e: vine (-ins - jungle)
a: bush (-ins - garden)
o: crop (-ins - farm)
u: grass (-ins - field)
Fully Plants

Interactions (thr%nashs)
Fully Reject
i: reflect
e: refract
a: absorb
o: propogate
u: transmit
Fully Accept

Work Results (xl%skrut)
Fully Succeed
i: succeed
e: try hard
a: try
o: try half-assedly
u: fail
Fully Fail

Response to Situation (sk%thret)
Fully Afraid
i: scared
e: nervous
a: cautious
o: confident
u: brave
Fully Brave

Belief (xop%lx) -in for noun forms
Fully unsure
i: guess
e: hope
a: think
o: believe
u: be certain
Fully certain

Consistency (snut%t)
Fully consistent
i: always
e: almost always (mathematical definition)
a: usually
o: sometimes
u: never
Fully inconsistent

Ask for action (sl%ns)
Fully passive
i: suggest
e: advise
a: request
o: tell
u: demand
Fully active

Set location (xr%sper)
Fully graceful
i: lay
e: place
a: set
o: put
u: install
Fully forceful

Set affixation (xr%sprer)
Fully external
i: stick
e: plant
a: insert
o: fasten
u: embed
Fully internal

Pay attention (shr%sthet)
Fully passive
i: notice
e: be curious of
a: take interest in
o: be intrigued by
u: be fascinated by
Fully active

Causality (sth%t)
Fully Caused By
i: because
e: although
a: so
o: so that
u: since
Fully The Cause Of

Ingestion (str%rsh) in for noun form
Fully Insubstantial
i: breathe / inhale
e: smell
a: drink
o: taste
u: eat
Fully Substantial

Directional Verbs (p%shs)
Fully Mine
i: own
e: take
a: hold
o: give
u: donate
Fully Yours

Alcoholic Beverages (xlethr%lth)
Less alcoholic
i: juice
e: beer
a: wine
o: vodka/liqueur
u: spirits
More alcoholic

Surrounding adpositions (sx%lsh)
Fully surrounding
i: around (exclusive)
e: around (inclusive)
a: in
o: inside (inclusive)
u: outside (exclusive)
Fully surrounded

Relations (thr%ns)
Fully equal
i: equal
e: same
a: similar
o: other
u: different
Fully different

Directions (xath%n)
i: up
e: right
a: center
o: left
u: down

Make use of (pusk%sh)
Fully cooperative
i: support
e: work with
a: use
o: misuse
u: abuse
Fully anti-cooperative

Situations (st%lx)
Really Bad
i: danger
e: threat
a: risk
o: hazard
u: situation
Not so bad

Convey Information (th%lalth)
To Everyone
i: broadcast
e: emit
a: send
o: address
u: message
To Individual

Importance (xl%strith)
i: critical
e: vital
a: necessary
o: important
u: optional
Not Important

Groups of People (listh%ts)
Fully Developed
i: civilization
e: society
a: culture
o: ethnic group
u: assembly
Barely Developed

Respect (sh%thlan)
Fully Respected
i: glory
e: honour
a: distinction
o: recognition
u: consideration
Barely Respected

Value (sh%thlen)
Fully Valued
i: esteem
e: admire
a: value
o: appreciate
u: consider
Barely Valued

Unpleasantries (ker%ts)
Fully Unpleasant
i: repulsive
e: abhorrent
a: disgusting
o: offensive
u: objectionable/unpleasant
Maybe Unpleasant

Notice (xl%streth)
i: warning
e: caution
a: notice
o: attention
u: note
Not Important

Specificity (th%niks)
One of a Kind
i: exact
e: specific
a: particular
o: appropriate
u: special
Maybe More

Length Properties (st%ths)
Fully One-Dimensional
i: length
e: width
a: height
o: depth
u: size
Fully Three-Dimensional

Existence (sp%lirth)
Really Existant
i: physical
e: natural
a: artificial
o: psychological
u: spiritual
Conceptually Existant

Avoidance (str%kal)
Really Avoid
i: shun
e: avoid
a: ignore
o: neglect
u: dodge
Temporarily Avoid

Note: sometimes in common use one may not be sure which vowel to use. In these cases native speakers often use a schwah as a placeholder, and allow the context to determine the meaning.

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