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Neo-Hebrew-Amharic History
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A short history of the second lingle lango that i convoluted
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When The Republic Of Venst ( Venstali) and Syshi ( Syshi which was made by a really cool guy (@Space) check him out :) ) started a middle eastern campaign, a lot of middle easterners fled to ethiopia where they made a new country (Amharia) and lived relatively peacefully, until the middle of the 23rd century (2250 AD) when they colonized the planet Krätskish after this they made a universal language called Neo-Hebrew-Amharic which was used all over the planet. The planet (Totally not inspired by a mix of a planet I found in No Man's Sky and Dune) has 4 large rings of rock and ice in the south and is mostly covered in rocks and sand (Apart from the poles which have a small amount of ice and water).

The language was first created when Middle Easterner's and Ethiopian's sought for a way to communicate with each other, the language base chosen was Hebrew.

(The language was created because I wanted to make a lingo that used a non-romanized manuscript, it also was inspired by the language the rebel's use in the new Dune 2 movie).
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