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Tiian Religion
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The beliefs of the Tii peoples
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The Tiian religion has no single document or doctrine by which it may be described, but is instead an amalgamation of traditional beliefs from the islands controlled by the Tii. Here I describe the most common aspects, a general overview, but many details will change depending on the exact region.

All things are thought to have a spirit, or ジィ. Animate beings have their own, individual ジィ, while inanimate objects have collective ジィ. These collective spirits are made up of ゾジィ, small spirits, which are individual and inhabit individual objects, but are not large enough to give life. Meanwhile, there are also パジィ, great spirits, or gods.

Once, there were パジィ that were collectives of ジィ, and the most important was パジィラ, the great spirit of humankind. However, the treacherous セリ (one of two death gods, the other being セジィ) waited until パジィラ was asleep, and then cut パジィラ into tiny pieces. Those pieces fell to ゼェヂネ (Siilun) and ギダカ (Leiko), and some of the other パジィ, who recognized that パジィラ had always been good to them, and decided to save パジィラ. The パジィ of animals and plants sent pieces of themselves which パジィラ could feed on, and the siblings パリ and ゾリ came to give their light and protect from セリ.
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