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Retenian folks and mythology
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Menu 1. Retenian Pantheon 2. Folkloric beliefs
Retenian mythology is linked with retenistic religion(s) and others beliefs, sometimes related with animistic sources. Some beliefs come from the peoples who live in the island of Retenia before Proto-Retenian migration, others beliefs were brought by Proto-Retenians and are often related with Greek, Roman, Indian or Lithuanian mithology.

Nowadays, they are around 20% of the Retenian population who continue to practice retenistic cults, sometimes mixed with christian elements to form a synchretism. Much traditionnal folkloric beliefs can be found in christian or agnostic population. Others 80% of the populations are mostly christians and there is an important muslim minority and also others religions, however in the majority of cases, their believes are combined with rituals that are traits of the old retenistic religions like the veneration of ancestors or spirits that is frequent among the people that claim to be christian or muslim, even if a small minority of the most purist christian or muslim considere that this is a form of idolatry or heresy. There are 12% of atheists or agnosticists.

[edit] [top]Retenian Pantheon

Amara / Amaruda [ɐˈmaɾɐ] primordial goddess
She created the earth and with Arasaybe, they gives birth to Dayaru, god of the sun, Selasa, godess of the sea and Sandayushpayta (or Teyushpeta), god of the sky.

Arasaybe [ɐɾɐˈsai̯.be] a giant cosmic snake
Ancient retenians believes that the milky way was the body of Arasaybe.

Arusha [ɐˈɾuʃɐ]
He is the god of the destruction. Because of the red coloration, the planet Mars is named after him in Retenian.

Dayaru [dɐˈjaɾʉ] god of the sun
He is the son of Amara and Arasaybe

Inkuna [iŋˈkunɐ] godess of the fire and life
She is the daughter of Dayaru

Menasu [meˈnasɯ] son of Sandayushpayta
He killed his brother the giant Yamareke to make humans with his flesh.

Natare [nɐˈtare]
She is the godess of prosperity, agriculture, sexuality, children and wealth and is associed with fertility.
In Retenian, the name of the planet Venus is named after her.

Sandayushpayta / Andosha [sanˌdajʉʃˈpai̯tɐ] god of the sky
He is the brother of Dayaru.

Selasa [seˈlasɐ] godess of the sea
Also known as Sarasa or Salas.

Tanoru god of thunder and storms

Tarako [tɐˈɾako] A flying snake with three head and wings
It's a sort of dragon.

Tarako, the three-headed flying snake of the Retenian mythology, here represented in a Shirruya.
Shirruya symbol maybe has Indo-European origin and may be related to the Indian svastika or maybe it's related with the Basque Lauburu.

Yamareke / Imarek [ˌjamɐˈɾɛke] mythological giant
He is the brother of Menasu, he was the king of the giants who lived on Earth before the creation of humans. (Ancient Retenians believes that megalithics structures like dolmens or alignements of monoliths were build by giants).

[edit] [top]Folkloric beliefs

Osuzetan [osɯzeˈtan] folklore creatures plural: Osuzetani

The legend says that they are little creatures who lives in the forest (Ôtsu = Osu), they are like demons

Sarrutama [ˌsar.rʉˈtamɐ] guardian spirits plural: Sarrutámay
The belief in Sarrutamas is very widespread in Retenia. In religions based on Retenian mythology ("Retenistic religions"), Sarrutamas are spirit that live in animated or inanimated objects, they can live in trees, rocks, mountains, animals, persons... and are generally benevolent but some of them may be malevolent.

This belief has animistic origin and is certainly older than the retenian mythology. Nowadays, despite the fact that majority of Retenians are christians, the belief in sarrutamas still very widespread and transcend religions.

Most christians that believe in sarrutamas also believe that the gods of retenian mythology are sarrutamas.
For example: Dayaru is the sarrutama of the sun, Amaruda (Amara) is the sarrutama of the Earth, Nogukan is the sarrutama of the moon... and that sarrutamas were created by God. This belief comes from the fact that the Retenian church decided to integrate traditionnals elements of Retenian culture to encourage conversions but this sort of synchretism continued.

The herroyrus are folkloric creatures that look like humans (they are bipeds) but their bodies are covered with hair. They are supposed to live in the mountains of western Retenia, especially in dense forests. The legend say that they kidnap children. Some peoples believe that it's an unknown species of hominidae, so it interest cryptozoologists. While other peoples believe that this is just a story for scaring children to dissuade them to enter alone in forest and be victims of animals like bear, wild boar or eventually wolves.

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