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Extremely long words in PRMC
This public article was written by Aarnut, and last updated on 14 Mar 2020, 09:51.

[comments]  Proto-Mawo-Caláic is an agglutinating language, which uses various affixes to modify the meaning of a word. Here are two example of the most extreme cases, a noun and a verb. (Maybe) They are not competent, interpretable words, they are just interresting.

hakán - mind
hakán - think (mind+do)
hakánrágwá - thought (mind+do+thing)
hakánrágwáthaq - thoughtful (mind+do+thing+full)
hakánrágwáthaqgwá - thoughtfulness (mind+do+thing+full+thing)
hakánrágwáthaqgwághǐ - thoughtfulnesses (mind+do+thing+full+thing+plural marker)
hakánrágwáthaqgwághǐgwél - through thoughtfulnesses (mind+do+thing+full+thing+plural marker+through)

mente - get
menteyanyǎs - meet someone the first time (get+meet)
menteyanyǎsramě - meet sne. the first time (indirect evidential) (get+meet+IDRE)
menteyanyǎsraměthán have met (get+meet+IDRE+PERF)
menteyanyǎsraměthánnyág - have met again and again (get+meet+IDRE+PERF+SEMF)
menteyanyǎsraměthánnyágět - had met again and again (get+meet+IDRE+PERF+SEMF+PAST)
menteyanyǎsraměthánnyágětkhas - could had met again and again (get+meet+IDRE+PERF+SEMF+PAST+ABIL)
menteyanyǎsraměthánnyágětkhasghǐ - they (the subject) could had met again and again (get+meet+IDRE+PERF+SEMF+PAST+ABIL+PL)
ǎmenteyanyǎsraměthánnyágětkhasghǐ - they could not had met again and again (NEG+get+meet+IDRE+PERF+SEMF+PAST+ABIL+PL)

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