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Worldbuilding/Setting Info for Aeolia
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Cyborg Jerks With Wings: The Planet
This public article was written by pachelbel, and last updated on 29 Jan 2020, 17:12.

[comments] Ajoljy (/ajɔɫjə/), or Aeolia in Galactic Common, is a humid, canyon-crossed planet populated by a humanoid people who have genetically and cybernetically modified themselves into having flight-capable wings.

Aeolian society is incredibly advanced in genetic engineering, nanobiorobotics, and many other tech areas. They are the only society in the galaxy not to have gone through at least one dark age since originally settling their planet, and it's likely that they alone know the location of Earth.

Aeolians, or Qy aiLiilela - The Fliers - as they call themselves, are short compared to modern humans. They have large batlike wings, furred on the dorsal side, with which they can not only fly, but also absorb oxygen from the air. Their ears are longer, more conical, and more freely movable than modern humans', sort of like some bats' ears, but with tufts of hair on the tips. They have a cleft in their upper lips, similar to a cat or rabbit's, which makes them unable to pronounce bilabial sounds. They have no reproductive systems or biological sex, as their young are grown in incubators. Every Aeolian has millions of biorobotic nanites in their blood, repairing injuries and modifying their systems on-the-fly (ha) to optimize performance.

They do not share most of this tech with the rest of the galaxy, because Aeolian society is xenophobic and isolationist. They view their society as the ideal, and other Strains and cultures as lesser. Despite this, as founding members of their quadrant's intersystem governing body (basically space UN), they have a lot of control over other systems and stations in their area, when they choose to use it.

In addition to - and contributing to - its xenophobia, Aeolian society is also riddled with ableism. Any physical or mental illness, injury, or disability which can't be fixed by application of their biotechnology makes one a social outcast, especially if it inhibits the ability to fly. People from other planets are also viewed as defectively flightless.

Aeolia has extensive oceans contributing to its humidity. The land part of the planet, or the settled continent at least, has many deep, relatively narrow cracks/canyons, mostly formed by tectonic stresses, although water now runs through the bottoms of them. Some of them formed at different times (at least two separate events) and crisscross the others at different depths. There are also river/stream-cut valleys, but they are much shallower and give a wrinkled appearance to the uplands.

The cliffs bordering the cracks, the uplands, and the canyon floor have all developed unique ecosystems due to both physical separation, and differences in air pressure and weather between the different environments.

The air above the uplands is often stormy and turbulent, especially above the cracks, but the cracks themselves are sheltered. Due to how the cracks happen to be oriented relative to the planet, they tend to be more or less either evenly heated by the sun, or evenly in the dark, at most times of year, so the winds going down the canyons are usually mild.

The Aeolians live in settlements carved into the cliffs on the sides of the canyons, like a high-tech Petra, and generate electricity using wind farms on the uplands, with bladeless turbines that howl eerily in the wind.

Despite Aeolia's claim that Aeolian society is completely areligious, many Aeolians hold a near spiritual reverence for the winds that fuel their society and allow them to soar, and the canyons that form their homes.

The wet, jungly canyon floor holds, among the dangerous wildlife, the "prisons" of Aeolia. The worst punishment allowed for a criminal in Aeolian society is exile, in which both wings are surgically removed at the shoulder joint, the wounds cauterized to prevent regeneration, and then the convict is lowered via elevator to the canyon floor to live or die as a groundling.
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