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Khiij Texts
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A variety of writings in and about Khiij
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Menu 1. Five Suits: A Khiijan Card Game
[edit] [top]Five Suits: A Khiijan Card Game

Five Suits
This game uses the Khiijan full deck. It has 120 cards, 2 of every suit in every number from 1 to 12.
After all cards have been shuffled, the dealer deals every player 12 cards. Every player then takes turns drawing a card and laying down in a valid position as many as they want, with the order of play going right from the dealer. You can build on current lays of yours, or add a new lay. The game ends when any of the following happen:
All players agree to a draw
When a player lays a turnip
There are no more cards to draw
All players have no cards in their hand, except for the one whose turn it is.
TurnipA 12-card lay of a single suit and every number exactly onceAutomatic Win
Stalka 12-card lay with 1 of every number100
LeafA 12-card lay with 2 of every suit6 times the average value of the card
NumberEvery card of a number50
Suited NumberExactly one of every suit in a number30
KestrelA row of cards of the same suit with no gaps in numerals5 times number of cards
Pair, Triple, Quadruple, or QuintupleCards of the same number, up to 5.Number of cards squared
BirdNon-suited kestrel, 3 or more10 + number of cards

Uvru ruru binci
Vajqa ede iika gvine zang khiijeviika vinsieonii. Lye a 120 ii vinsine, antizagru binciz 2 etu antizag nax 1 h 12.
Ruru binci:
Zdene spalii
Rii vedh
Rii tavj
Rii olnej
Iiten zgac
Zix Dzakux:
Ziib tgivinsiaram a'akaela vinsine, tvinsiar u tvinsiarel sor e vinsi ez antizag dzakele. Da, gebqa antizag dzakel ii vinsi, etu ar ferdaca. Da arqa tov veszi kar zigpae l val veszi vinsi etu zigohetuii sgavijo. Satjqa ii dzakusoz u vondane h yep lakhamiica sey u tvinsiarelo. Ejeza etu kivo kivas fedzane arqasoca, zti giifqa iizedii arqaso. Zazidii iika gvine utxa urgit fabiika vipqaso ziib:
Bingqa a'akaur dzakel ii bej vinsi
Arqa tov ru dzakel zda rrepa
Lye e vinsi gryer l gebqata
Abviqa a'akaur dzakel e vinsi gryer etu veszidas ii vinsieoniica, iigrev fedzanu dzakel.
Giifqaso zdi zdana:
U siipacYep piigabluZi zdana
Zda rrepa12 e vinsi etu vu ru binci iis antizagru nax vzenZi visa
Ru edzix12 e vinsi rif antizagru naxo vzen100
Ii vyiitre12 e vinsi rif antizagru bincica epzenRak zangzi zdana
Ru naxAntizagii vinsi etu ru naxo50
Bincievru naxBri 1 ii vinsi etu antizagru bincica etu ru naxo30
Ru turrmfallkeRu binciz e vinsi rif zagizmajruru naxo rif fabzda vanticaE vinsiz u nax deill 5
Zti ru emko, ru ivaremko, ru isikemko, ru uvaremkoRu naxdas e vinsi, vellii 5 4, 8, 16, 25
Ru zounhRu turrmfallke rifge ruru bincica rif zti 3 zigpae vinsicae 10 e vinsiz ru naxo

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