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Oddly Specific Xynder Words
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Or just odd words idk this is all subjective
This public article was written by Avlönskt, and last updated on 4 Jul 2017, 23:41.

6. Swing
Menu Firstly, what's the deal with Löv? Word Table
Because  Xynder just needed this article— I went through my entire dictionary for this omg help me

[top]Firstly, what's the deal with Löv?

Well, the Xynder word Löv (← Old Xynder Ĭlǒw ← Old East Xyndic *Ъlǒw ← Proto-Xyndic *w₁ulw₁ev) can mean more than just liveliness. In fact, it can be used to referred to one's happiness or general mood, the act of going out of your way to make sure of something, a habit (rooted in your personality) or just a feeling.
Hvök hellisto idvorn Löve? How are you feeling today? Helletvöt dzanið Löve? D'you guys feel up to it?

D'you need some half-arsed reply to How are you feeling? yet still have it somewhat satisfy the question? Löve Löve Löve. 'Cause if you say Löve then it kinda sounds like you don't really know yourself so they should stop asking. It's like meh with a little less of I actually want to die and more of I think I'm okay...? All in all, it's often tagged onto the end of weird, intangible feelings you can't really describe nicely.

A common derivative is Utlöv ("without Löv"), which, I guess, is the antithesis of Löv and is often attributed to a sense of sadness or emotional pain which one is incapable of describing or justifying – unless, of course, it's in a compound noun, in which case it's usually attributed to an irrational anger, annoyance, sadness or dissatisfaction towards an event or harsh reality. Isn't Xynder just fun?

[top]Word Table

ArdanszylvMMasculine gender (gender)
masculine or male
a dream which makes no sense at all whatsoever and/or makes one question realityArdan "chaos" + Szylv "dream"
AvvälkjalMMasculine gender (gender)
masculine or male
the melodic sound of a foreign languageAvvälla "abroad" + Kjal "song"
bortszelielTRTransitive (valency)
has two arguments
to stuff a piece of bread and honey in a person's mouth during that person's first visit to your house (Fals concept)Bort "bread" + szeliel "to greet"
DræstdybunkhrugeFFeminine gender (gender)
feminine or female
morning mouth drynessDræst "morning" + Dybunk "mouth/hole" + Hruge "dryness"
DrolkljoNNeuter (gender)
neutral or neuter
moment of utter bullshitDrolk "plop" + Ljo "moment/instance"
DusujMMasculine gender (gender)
masculine or male
  1. confusion
  2. boolean (programming)
  3. quantum superposition (physics)
dus "two" + Uj "state" ← kjel "to stand"
DvievuMMasculine gender (gender)
masculine or male
dessert waffle (as opposed to a snack waffle...?) Exgot dvievų "waffle" ← Old West Xyndic *dweewoom "waffle" ← Proto-Xyndic *dzw₁ēw₁ǫp (pastry)
cf.  Xynder Djörp "cake"
DvornlövNNeuter (gender)
neutral or neuter
birthday joyDvorn "day" + Löv "liveliness"
DvornutlövNNeuter (gender)
neutral or neuter
the feeling that the world is sabotaging you while you're in a rushDvorn "day" + Utlöv "unknown sadness"
DvörxlövNNeuter (gender)
neutral or neuter
floccinaucinihilipilificationDvörx "rejection" + Löv "liveliness"
DybunklövNNeuter (gender)
neutral or neuter
self-pity which makes one want to crawl into a holeDybunk "hole" + Löv "liveliness"
DynutlövNNeuter (gender)
neutral or neuter
dissatisfaction towards a decision concerning you but made in your absenceDyn "absence" + Utlöv "unknown sadness"
DyvlkjalMMasculine gender (gender)
masculine or male
a song so good that you just have to keep replaying itDyvl "craziness" + Kjal "song"
EmbyszijdgrjäsyjskzettFFeminine gender (gender)
feminine or female
"NEGNegative (polarity)
" + Byszijd "decision" + grjäsyjsk "limiting" + -hett "NMZNominaliser
makes other word a noun
endvornlövelTRTransitive (valency)
has two arguments
to forget someone's birthdayen- "NEGNegative (polarity)
" + Dvornlöv "birthday joy" + -el "INFInfinitive (TAM)
non-tensed verb
EnhavlärNNeuter (gender)
neutral or neuter
draught of warm airen- "NEGNegative (polarity)
" + Hav "air" + -lär "DIMDiminutive
a smaller, lesser, weaker etc. version
EzzlövNNeuter (gender)
neutral or neuter
atelophobiaEzz "achievement" + Löv "liveliness"
EzzutlövNNeuter (gender)
neutral or neuter
the realisation that you've overestimated your abilitiesEzz "achievement" + Utlöv "unknown sadness"
EzzvykryksMMasculine gender (gender)
masculine or male
the sensation of suddenly realising you can do something reprehensible and no one is there to witness itEzz "achievement" + Vykryks "disappointment"
FjellereburMMasculine gender (gender)
masculine or male
a walk in the forestFjellé "forrest" + Ebur "walk"
FjynutlövNNeuter (gender)
neutral or neuter
the feeling that your "friends" don't really like you or only pretend toFjyn "friend" + Utlöv "unknown sadness"
fleurelINTRIntransitive (valency)
has one argument
to apologise whilst doing the thing for which one is apologising
förjayelINTRIntransitive (valency)
has one argument
to intend to sleep early but end up just staying up all nightför- (archaic prefix) + jayel "to pull an all-nighter"
GjevykryksMMasculine gender (gender)
masculine or male
constant disappointmentgje-
(repetitive suffix) + Vykryks "disappointment"
GjäshvujreFFeminine gender (gender)
feminine or female
momentary loss of hearing during yawningGjäs "yawn" + Hvujre "deafness"
GradosNNeuter (gender)
neutral or neuter
  1. system
  2. state of indecisiveness
Grad "setting" + -os "COLCollective (number)
'group or mass entity'
GutrusNNeuter (gender)
neutral or neuter
utter disgust (which usually warrants vomiting)Gute "disgust" + -rus "AUGAugmentative
a bigger, greater, stronger etc. version
gzuigelINTRIntransitive (valency)
has one argument
to be surprised by one's capabilities???
GönhjekkMMasculine gender (gender)
masculine or male
annoyance from not knowing or having forgotten somethinggenel "to distract" + Hjekk "annoyance"
HjausfylveFFeminine gender (gender)
feminine or female
flurry of emotionsHjaus "emotion" + Fylve "cloud"
HjauszrvadulserMMasculine gender (gender)
masculine or male
emotional wreckHjaus "emotion" + Rvadulser "that which is damaged"
hjekkkröńinconveniently ill (like randomly falling ill during exam season *coughme)Hjekk "annoyance" + kröń "ill"
hjexzelINTRIntransitive (valency)
has one argument
to prepare mentallyNot too weird but the fact it's its own root is beyond me
hlimbellazy in mindpunny lax, assimilated version of hlińböil "thought lazy" (not a word)
honagornyðertröaselINTRIntransitive (valency)
has one argument
to cry over the fact that there is no ice cream to eatHonagor "ice cream" + nyðertröasel "to cry over the lack of food"
hurjorhvujrhaving difficulty hearing because of chewing too loudlyHurv "chew" + hvujr "deaf"
HurjorhvujrerlövNNeuter (gender)
neutral or neuter
trying to chew quietly so that it does not impede your hearingHurjorhvujre ([the above]-NMZNominaliser
makes other word a noun
) + Löv "liveliness"
HvujrloppeFFeminine gender (gender)
feminine or female
the usage of mumbles, grunts, groans etc. to communicate basic feelings, attitudes or responseshvujr "deaf" + -loppe "language"
HyjordryMMasculine gender (gender)
masculine or male
headrushhavel "to raise" + Dry "wheel"
JaylunlavMMasculine gender (gender)
masculine or male
staring at the ceiling when you can't sleepJay "all-nighter" + Lunlav "boredom"
JayskostenvasteFFeminine gender (gender)
feminine or female
hunger acquired from staying up without foodJay "all-nighter" + Skostenvaste "hunger"
JyrvöihurmurgNNeuter (gender)
neutral or neuter
when one lacks the appropriate eating utensils to eat a boiled egg, and it keeps slipping away; annoyance and tedium as a cause thereofJyrvöi "egg" + Hurmurg "tedium"
KjalstryktlärNNeuter (gender)
neutral or neuter
a mini-dance done when jammingKjal "song" + Stryktlär "dance-DIMDiminutive
a smaller, lesser, weaker etc. version
KrörkförperNNeuter (gender)
neutral or neuter
a face you just want to punch or somethingkrorkel "to be in desperate need of an axe" + Förper "face"
KrysswzijfMMasculine gender (gender)
masculine or male
when a conversation returns to the original topic after digressionKryss "circle" + Wzijf "speech"
KszunksäklNNeuter (gender)
neutral or neuter
onomatopœia for opening a canned carbonated beverage
læveszjelINTRIntransitive (valency)
has one argument
to be fabulousLævesz "glitter/Laefevian"
LappkjattosNNeuter (gender)
neutral or neuter
irregular sleeping patternLapp "sleep" + Kjattos "card game"
LapplövNNeuter (gender)
neutral or neuter
the state of finding it hard to get out of bed in the morningLapp "sleep" + Löv "liveliness"
ljeczelINTRIntransitive (valency)
has one argument
to spend time with your loved one or partnerLjev "love" + eczel "to do"
LjenszjevseFFeminine gender (gender)
feminine or female
when the food is too saltyljensk "salty" + -evs "ELTElative (comparison)
absolutive superlative; eg. English 'too'
" + -e "NMZNominaliser
makes other word a noun
LjorutlövFFeminine gender (gender)
feminine or female
lacking the will to liveLv "life" + Utlöv "unknown sadness"
LjöedhjuspMMasculine gender (gender)
masculine or male
remembering something you had previously forgotten at a random momentljöed "sporadic" + Hjusp "memory"
LurjorgrjäszFFeminine gender (gender)
feminine or female
  1. word limit
  2. when no words can express one's sentiment
Lurv "word" + Grjäsz "boundary"
LyljeurdstraktulserMMasculine gender (gender)
masculine or male
procrastiception; procrastinating on procrastinationLyljeurd "procrastination" + Straktulser "train"
löeczelTRTransitive (valency)
has two arguments
to yololöa "free" + eczel "to do"
löjeburelINTRIntransitive (valency)
has one argument
to go for a relaxing strollLöv "liveliness" + eburel "to walk"
LöjlappMMasculine gender (gender)
masculine or male
a nap usually taken when one has too much work to do, all the while not knowing what to do firstLöv "liveliness" + Lapp "sleep"
nyðerjayelINTRIntransitive (valency)
has one argument
to stay up eatingnyðer- "pertaining to food" + jayel "to pull an all-nighter"
nyðertröaselINTRIntransitive (valency)
has one argument
to cry over the lack of foodnyðer- "pertaining to food" + tröasel "to cry"
PronzurxMMasculine gender (gender)
masculine or male
when one looks around to check if anybody has noticed the socially inappropriate act they have just committed, whatever that may bePron "shame"
+ Zurx "search"
RjodhvupskNNeuter (gender)
neutral or neuter
celebratory wineRjod "celebration"
+ Hvupsk "wine"
RjońFFeminine gender (gender)
feminine or female
when you see something really cute and you just have to hug it y'knowProto-Xyndic *hrōni
rjutkjalskelTRTransitive (valency)
has two arguments
to listen to in bed (of music)rjut-
(bed prefix) + kjalskel "to listen to music"
rjuttröaselTRTransitive (valency)
has two arguments
to cry in bedrjut- (bed prefix) + tröasel "to cry"
RörerenöksyńgtMMasculine gender (gender)
masculine or male
everlasting dissatisfaction with the temperatureRöre "heat" + Enöksyńgt "imbalance"
RöńsztjepralksztjerelsisNNeuter (gender)
neutral or neuter
when the wind flips your umbrellaRöńsztjepralk "umbrella" + Sztjerelsis "inverting"
SnoszhvokvysneFFeminine gender (gender)
feminine or female
avoiding having one's photo taken (usually due to unphotogenicity) Exgot snožþokvýsnò ← Old Exgot stnožeþok'wŭsnò ← Old West Xyndic *stanʒe "sun" + *þokʔwŭsum "avoiding"
StærgoljorplyttNNeuter (gender)
neutral or neuter
an experience not directly experienced, but with which a connection or relatability is felt which causes one to understand oneself betterStærgolv "mirror" + Plytt "epiphany"
sylkoriantelINTRIntransitive (valency)
has one argument
to choke on one's own salivasyl "self" + koriantel "to choke"
SyverthöskMMasculine gender (gender)
masculine or male
the sound of pen(cil) on paperSyvert "writing" + höskel "to hear"
SzeusnerhavFFeminine gender (gender)
feminine or female
the "smell of sneeze" after sneezingSzeusne "nose" + Hav "air"
SzeusnerobluvéFFeminine gender (gender)
feminine or female
the tingly feeling in your nose indicating that it wants you to sneezeSzeusne "nose" + Obluvé "sand"
SzölöraFFeminine gender (gender)
feminine or female
feeling of euphoria when waking up to a chorus of birdsIts own root because #JustXyndenThings
TordsgjäsMMasculine gender (gender)
masculine or male
yawning too wide and it hurts your jawTords "snake" + Gjäs "yawn"
trjöbbelTRTransitive (valency)
has two arguments
to hate enough to wish harm upon#JustXyndenThings
TrjöbbkjalMMasculine gender (gender)
masculine or male
a song so overplayed and annoying that you just hate it upon merely hearing ittrjöbbel (see above) + Kjal "song"
TyldszychtMMasculine gender (gender)
masculine or male
  1. the changing of a story as it's passed on
  2. Chinese Whisper's
Tyld "time" + Szycht "story"
UtlöjmasyjFFeminine gender (gender)
feminine or female
unexplained angerUtlöv "unknown sadness" + Masyj "anger"
UtlöjvydrööMMasculine gender (gender)
masculine or male
failing at the supposedly easiest task out of a set of many other harder tasks which may have somehow gone more successfullyUtlöv "unknown sadness" + Vydröö "error"
UtlövNNeuter (gender)
neutral or neuter
feeling of sadness seemingly without a causeut "without" + Löv "liveliness"
VarczrusljeverMMasculine gender (gender)
masculine or male
video game addictVarczrus "electronic" + Ljever "lover"
VarczrusljevrusNNeuter (gender)
neutral or neuter
a relationship in which both parties are serious and dedicated gamersVarczrus "electronic" + Ljevrus "true love"
VedenhvosNNeuter (gender)
neutral or neuter
overwhelming emotions; feelsveden "too much" + Hvos "emotion.COLCollective (number)
'group or mass entity'
VednutlövNNeuter (gender)
neutral or neuter
stress from having too many tasks to completeveden "too much" + Utlöv "unknown sadness"
VreustgyhöllgjevykryksMMasculine gender (gender)
masculine or male
constantly checking the fridge despite being fully aware of its emptiness or disappointing contentVreustgyhöll "fridge" + Gjevykryks "constant disappointment"
VyrdutlövNNeuter (gender)
neutral or neuter
the feeling that the world is against you on MondaysVyrdu "Monday" + Utlöv "unknown sadness"
VöidenkhukkMMasculine gender (gender)
masculine or male
a hiccup from drinking a carbonated beverageVöidenk "carbonated beverage" + Hukk "hiccup"
WylvrosörgrälnelsisNNeuter (gender)
neutral or neuter
fighting off a pack of wolvesWylvros "pack of wolves" + Örgrälnelsis "fighting off"
WzulkceFFeminine gender (gender)
feminine or female
happiness after waking up from a nice dream#JustXyndenThings
XyntutlövNNeuter (gender)
neutral or neuter
the feeling that nobody likes you or that everyone only pretends toXynt "person" + Utlöv "unknown sadness"
ZnorszölöraFFeminine gender (gender)
feminine or female
chills or possible tears after listening to something indescribably amazingZnor "ear" + Szölöra (see above somewhere)
örljorvelINTRIntransitive (valency)
has one argument
to laugh so much it hurts or you pass outör- (intensifying prefix) + ljorvel "to laugh"
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