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Introduction to Moresh
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This is an introduction to what Moresh is about and how it is built up.
This public article was written by [Deactivated User], and last updated on 4 Jul 2021, 14:03.

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Moresh is a Germanic language, with grammar that differs from the others. This language is mainly based off of Dutch and German, but you can find some words of slavic origin, no matter how few of them there are. I feel that the orthography for Moresh is fairly reasonable and shares many features of it with other Germanic languages. On the language tree of descendants you can see that Moresh is a direct descendant of Dutch, which leads back to West German.
If you know a German language the vocabulary should be a breeze to learn, some words are so similar that only their spelling changed from their original Germanic ancestors.
Thank you for reading, Introduction to Moresh.
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