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Ngeyv alphabet
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Like Mahavic but not
This public article was written by protondonor, and last updated on 2 Mar 2017, 17:13.

[comments] Ngeyv is written with a derivative of the Mahavic alphabet. Most letter forms are very distinct from their original Mahavic forms, and there are multiple Mahavic letters and diacritics that are not present in the Ngeyvic alphabet.

Here's how the Ngeyvic letters correspond with Mahavic letters:
Mahavic letteraeëiouü
Ngeyvic letteraeəiouʉ
Latin letteraeəiouʉ

Mahavic letterbdgjhkclmnžpqrstvy
Ngeyvic letterbdgģhkķlmnņŋpqrstvyɂ
Latin letterbdgģhkķlmnņŋpqrstvyɂ
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