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Gender in Uyakkan Society
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A story of pouches.
This public article was written by lbrowning, and last updated on 10 May 2021, 15:56.

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Among the Uyakka, there are four primary gender presentations referred to throughout this language study as genders 1, 2, 3, 4, and neuter animate. The number genders are used by uyakka of specific fertility status and social positions. The neuter animate gender can be physically chosen by any of the four fertile genders or automatically assigned should fertility status be downgraded through physical inability, injury, or advanced age.
Uyakka termGenitaliaNursing pouchTemperamentSocial position
Gender 1 (Pouched Female)Khalje - q͡χəʎetwo internal ovaries, two uterihighly productive, pouch presentLevel-headed, diplomaticLeaders, tribal mothers
Gender 2 (Pouched Male)Möjbe¹ - m̥øjbètwo external gonads, bifurcated penismoderately productive, pouch presentProtective, clannish, xenophobicClan guards and nursemaids
Gender 3 (Pouchless Female)Osufi - osufitwo internal ovaries, two uterimoderately productive, no pouchWandering, academic, curiousAcademic scientists and explorers
Gender 4 (Pouchless Male)Iehm - iemtwo external gonads, bifurcated penisnonproductive, no pouch Aggressive, temperamental, warlikeWarriors, hunters
Neuter AnimateKǂohl - ǂoɺcan present as any of the aboveTeachers, respected elders
Children are assigned gender based on their physical presentation at birth. At puberty, most tribes allow for a gender affirmation ceremony as young adults pass into full adulthood. Some adults choose to enter Kǂohl socially before menopause, though this is uncommon. All genders experience a loss of fertility tied to menopause.
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