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Usleisjen Ziudisk - Se Ondwerçwerdige Kontinulieke Sinç
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How to build a sentence using the Present Continuous
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In Gothish language there is a progressive tense that indicate an ongoing action.
In English the verb to be is used to indicate the ongoing action plus the -ing. But in Gothish, the auxilary verb used is HABEN plus the infinitive.
The table below shows the conjugation of the verb HABEN:
Y, Sy, Ithafçhaide

The present continuous is formed with haben + infinitive.
SLEEPEN - to sleep
Ik haf sleepen - I am sleeping.

In the same way, it is possible to build sentences with other tenses, in order to express ongoing actions in the past and with the auxiliary verb SKULEN to express ongoing actions in the future.

STUDJEN - to study
Ik haide studjen - I was studying

PLANTEN - to plant
Dumuergen Ik skal haben planten - I will be planting tomorrow.

Let's learn new verbs to practice.
FERNIMEN - to feel
KWIZEN - to speak
FRIWEN - to ask
FLIUHEN - to fly
LEITEN - to let/ to allow
LAFJEN - to laugh
USLEISJEN - to learn
RINEN - to run
SIWEN - to see
LIGJEN - to read
SINGWEN - to sing

In order to ask what you are doing now, we say "Who hafs zou nu?"
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