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Proto-Kwang Lexicon
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This public article was written by dendana, and last updated on 26 Dec 2018, 15:48. Editing of this article is shared with Qollab.

[comments] [history] Proto-Kwang has limited derivational morphology and prefers to make words via head-initial compounding (so 'buckwheat flour' is whe khwã (gloss: flour buckwheat)).

Nominalizations are formed by devoicing/aspirating the initial consonant. These words are placed in the 10/10 class.

A process underway, which had run its full course by the time of Middle Kwang but was very much still in progress at the time of Proto-Kwang, was turning polysyllabic morphemes into monosyllabic ones, generally by chopping off the initial syllable(s). (However, many bisyllabic roots were preserved, and in the case of former compounds, sometimes other syllables might be dropped.) This was also used as a method for derivation in Proto-Kwang, but its effects are erratic and don't follow much of a pattern.
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