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Keru'rosu Ku
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Overview of the Idenic script and the meaning of syllables.
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Menu 1. Introduction 2. Lexical Syllables 3. Grammatical Syllables
[edit] [top]Introduction

(keru'rosu ku) Keru'rosu Ku is the native script for  Idenian. In Idenian, most consonant-vowel pairs (rosu'ke) rosu'ke contain some meaning by themselves. As such, the phonotactics only allow for a strict CV syllable structure. This is reflected in (keru'rosu ku) Keru'rosu Ku, as it is a non-flexible abugida that only allows for consonant-vowel pairs.

The following tables display the meaning of each of the consonant-vowel pairs in Idenian.

[edit] [top]Lexical Syllables

Consonant-vowel pairs containing direct meaning; used as the primary building-blocks of words.
ha A /a/he E /e̞/hi I /i/ho O /o̞/hu U /u/
r R /ɾ/ ra Ra- Sunre Re- Oceanri Ri- Moonro Ro- Earthru Ru- Wind
s S /s/ sa Sa- Death/Sorrowse Se- God/Fearsi Si- Life/Joyso So- Chaos/Angersu Su- Order/Thought
k K /k/ ka Ka- Positiveke Ke- Rootki Ki- Negativeko Ko- Beastku Ku- Man
g G /g/ ga Ga- Femalege Ge- Highergi Gi- Malego Go- Equalgu Gu- Lower
t T /t/ ta Ta- Distancete Te- Tangibleti Ti- Timeto To- Statictu Tu- Dynamic
m M /m/ ma Ma- Giveme Me- Smallmi Mi- Takemo Mo- Largemu Mu- Have
n N /n̩/ na Na- Whitene Ne- Bloodni Ni- Blackno No- Bodynu Nu- Mind
w W /a/ wa Wa- Beginwe We- Futurewi Wi- Endwo Wo- Currentwu Wu- Past
c Š /ʃ/ ca Ša- Flowce Še- Separationci Ši- Fateco Šo- Unioncu Šu- Zero
y Y /j/ ya Ya- Destroyye Ye- Pureyi Yi- Createyo Yo- Maintainyu Yu- Change
f F /ɸ/ fa Fa- Fantasyfe Fe- Borderfi Fi- Realityfo Fo- Prooffu Fu- Faith
b B /b/ ba Ba- Interiorbe Be- Sightbi Bi- Exteriorbo Bo- Touchbu Bu- Balance

[edit] [top]Grammatical Syllables

Consonant-vowel pairs containing grammatical meaning; primarily used for grammar.
ha A /a/he E /e̞/hi I /i/ho O /o̞/hu U /u/
d D /d/ da Da- (3NHThird person non-human (person)
nonhuman (or possibly nonsentient)
de De- (2Second person (person)
addressee (you)
di Di- (3HThird person human (person)
humans (or possibly sentients)
do Do- (1First person (person)
speaker, signer, etc; I
du Du- (4Fourth person (person)
obviative, not present
p P /p/ pa Pa- Locative (LOCLocative (case)
'in, on, at' etc
pe Pe- Genitive (GENGenitive (case)
pi Pi- Ectessive (ECTSEctessive (case)
outside of
po Po- Instrumental (INSInstrumental (case)
'with', 'using'
pu Pu- Dative (DATDative (case)
indirect object; recipient, beneficiary, location
h ∅ /ʔ/ ha A- Day Classhe E- Sea Classhi I- Night Classho O- Earth Classhu U- Wind Class

N N' /n̩/ N n'- Amplifier

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