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Final Vowels
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Realization of vowels at the end of a word.
This public article was written by TheCrazyYankee, and last updated on 8 Jan 2016, 06:46.

[comments] Vowels in Tomeric tend to be pronounced differently at the end of a word (and before other vowels) than they usually are. These realizations are fortunately regular.

It can be argued that A (/ɑ/) is reduced to /ə/.

E (/ɛ/)becomes /ɪ/.

I (/ɪ/) becomes /i/, and Í (/i:/) becomes /ɪj/.

O (/o/) becomes /ʊ/.

U (/ʊ/) becomes /u/, and Ú (/u:/) becomes /ʊw/.

All other vowels retain there pronounciation.

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