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Siáen Alfotet Taaevaes
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The Edievian Alphabet
This public article was written by argyle, and last updated on 6 Jul 2016, 17:17.

[comments] Menu 1. The Native Script The Edievian alphabet is a descendant of an earlier Colian script, and was the principle script for Edievian up through the 1950s, when the language converted to the Latin alphabet officially (it had been in use several years prior, but not officially). The native script can be transcribed almost letter-for-letter into the old spelling rules in the Latin alphabet, but the new spelling rules implemented in 1956 complicated the transcription rules a bit.

[top]The Native Script

The native script below is ordered in the traditional alphabetical order. The first in each pair is the majuscule, second is the minuscule.

A a/a/a
P p/p/p
B b/b/b
X x/ɛ/ae
F f/f/f
V v/v/v
C c/k/c
G g/g/g
H h/h/h
E e/e/e
I i/i/i
L l/l̪/l
M m/m/m
N n/n̪/n
Q q/ɔ/ao
T t/t̪/t
D d/d̪/d
R r/ɾ/r
S s/s̪/s
O o/o/o
U u/u/u
J jpalatalizesi

Just like the Latin alphabet, the letter j serves to 'palatalize' other consonants (<c g t d s> (c g t d s)). It follows the same rules as does unaccented <i>, meaning it stays close to the nearest vowel. See the link above for full rules of how consonants are modified with <j><i>.

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