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Sloy dialectal continuum
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Sloy in comparison to its dialects
This public article was written by Tharpigan on 21 May 2018, 16:26.

This article is a work in progress! Check back later in case any changes have occurred.

The main speakers of the Sloy language in the country of Sloy ultimately are faced with a decision all their own, whether to diverge from the vowel harmonic vestiges of their former mother language, or to split and create their own set of vowel patterns and thus deter even more from its classical counterparts. One example of this is to modernize the old long vowels that once existed in Hakkan, and place them into a vowel diphthong or separate the old long vowel into two separate syllables.


Tithkeim, unlike any of her sister languages, created a diphthong where long O once stood, similar to the phonological phenomena that once plagued pre-Standardized Hakkan. On the other hand, you can see clearly how modern Sloy and Slojavni, which is closer related to Sloy is than Sloy is to Tithkeim.
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