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Lesson #1
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Katrashtani Alphabet
This public article was written by Katrasho, and last updated on 8 Jul 2018, 05:01.

[comments] [history] Welcome to my official guide to learning Katrashtani! Here, I will teach you how to read and speak my awesome language. :)

Lesson 1: The Alphabet

History of the Alphabet:
The Katrashtani alphabet is derived from the Belestáni Alphabet, with 4 stages of evolution. The first was used in Old Katrash (Kagrash), where the symbols still looked a lot like Belestáni. The second stage was the time circular drawing was popular in Cagras (ancient Katrashtan), thus the letters became circular or curvy. The third stage was used in Middle Katrash, where serifs were commonplace. This medevial script is also the basis of Katan Cursive. Eventually the third script morphed into another script, which is the one used today.

The Katrashtani alphabet is a simple alphabet, with 4 vowels and 11 consonants (formerly 8). The consonants are easy to pronounce (maybe except the trilled 'r'), while the vowels are breathy-voiced, and for some native speakers not voiced at all.

Aa /ɑʱ/
Ii /iʱ/*
Oo /oʱ/
Uu /uʱ/*
*the letters Ii and Uu have the sounds /j/ and /ʍ/ respectively when before a vowel.

Kk /k/
Nn /n/
Tt /t/
Vv /f/
Gg /g/*
Pp /p/
Bb /b/*
Dd /d/*
Rr /r/
Ss /s/
Jc /ʃ/
*prior to Senate Declaration #143, the letters Gg, Bb, and Dd weren't part of the alphabet, as there was no distinction between voiced and voiceless then.
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on 08/07/18 05:010KatrashoChanged name of Ancient Katrashtan; added accent to Belestán
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