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Lortho Grammatical Cases
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A table view of Lortho's cases
This public article was written by Brian Bourque, and last updated on 26 Apr 2019, 17:05.

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 Lortho lortho

This is intended to give the reader a better understanding of how each case is used with simple examples for each case. The grammar tables can only go so far. For the examples in the table below, I will use the following word:

kansaptha [kɑn.'sɑp.tʰɑ] (n. neut) forest.

CaseSuffixExampleTranslationSample TextConscript
Nominativekansapthathe forestkilikha kansaptha
The forest sees
kilikha kansaptha
Accusative-mekansapthamethe forest (object)kilikhin kansapthame
I see the forest
kilikhin kansapthame
Dative-melakansapthamelato the forest (indirect object)madhidin nikhuneme kansapthamela
I give my eyes to the forest
madhidin nikhuneme kansapthamela
Genitive-nalokansapthanaloof the forestkilikhin khuneme kansapthanalo
I see the eyes of the forest
kilikhin khuneme kansapthanalo
Sublative-ina/enakansapthainain/into the forestlharidin kansapthaina
I run into the forest
lharidin kansapthaina
Ablative-(e)natkansapthanatout of/from the forestlharidin kansapthanat
I run out of the forest
lharidin kansapthanat
Allative-(e)dankansapthadanto/towards the forestlharidin kansapthadan
I run towards the forest
lharidin kansapthadan
Prolative-(e)danarkansapthadanarthrough/via/by way of the forestlharidin kansapthadanar
I run through the forest
lharidin kansapthadanar
Instructive-(e)lenkansapthalenusing the forestthomidin kansapthalen
I live off the forest
thomidin kansapthalen
Vocativefa-fakansapthaHey, Forest!lharid fakansaptha
Run, Forest!
lharid fakansaptha

Truth is stranger than fiction, but it is because Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities; Truth isn't. - Mark Twain

Disclaimer: This is my first article and it took a lot of courage to write this much. I will plan to do more in the future. In the meantime, there is more to see here.

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