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Creating an account
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This public article was written by Admin Sheep, and last updated on 30 Apr 2016, 04:22.

[comments] [history] Menu 1. Creating an account with Facebook 2. Creating a standard account Creating an account and logging in to ConWorkShop is easy. There are two ways you can use to login to ConWorkShop: via Facebook, and with a 'standard account'.

[top]Creating an account with Facebook

If you have never logged in with Facebook to CWS before, it is very simple to do. Below are simplified instructions:
  1. Click 'login with Facebook'
  2. Your browser should redirect you to Facebook
  3. When a popup comes up if you wish to give CWS permission to access your basic information, select 'Yes' (or 'Ok').
  4. You will be redirected back to CWS with a success message.
  5. Done

[top]Creating a standard account

To create a standard account, you need to go to the registration form form and complete this in full. If this was done correctly, a success message will be shown and you will now be able to login using your standard account.
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Ángialuma !
 severy [ADMIN] [CWSP STAFF]
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