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History of Retenia
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Main historical dates
This public article was written by Victorinox, and last updated on 12 Feb 2021, 18:35.

4. Retenia
7. Verbs
This article is a work in progress! Check back later in case any changes have occurred.

Dates with "*" are generally from legendary source and are not sure, but it is quite sure that theses events succeeded but maybe dates are not exact.

Most dates in Prehistory and Antiquity are based on archeological sources.


5000 BC - 3000 BC: an unknown civilisation has built megalithics monuments in the Plateau of Eastern Retenia. It's maybe peoples of the same cultures who built megalithics structures in continental Western Europe and in Great Britain.

4000 BC - 2000 BC: Southern Retenia is dominated by the Crenellated ceramic bowl culture.

Before 2000 BC: Central plain of Retenia was inhabited by a Pre-Retenian people called "Aratti" in Retenians antic texts.
Aratti language is rather unknown because they never used a true writing system, except before its extinction. Some words in modern  Standard Retenian are from aratti origin.

3000 BC - 1500 BC: Presence of the Sugaic culture on the Eastern Retenia plateau.

2200 BC: apparition of symbols with religious connotations (proto writing system) around Nimatara river.

2000 BC - 1900 BC: Proto Retenian migration into the island of Retenia.

1800 BC - 1700 BC:  Southern Retenic and Central Plain Retenian begin to diverge.


1600 BC - 1500 BC: Rise of the first city states around Nimatara, Mitari and Nara rivers in the central plain and expansion of logographic writing system created from the Aratti proto writing system.

1500 BC: Establishment of the seven kingdoms of Retenia and rise of  Old Retenian from the dialect of Central Plain Retenian spoken near the Nimatara river.

1450 BC (estimation): Extinction of Aratti language. The use of the language gradually reduced since the arrival of proto-retenians.

1400 BC: Migration of some retenians from the Central Plain to the western hills following up the Nimatara river. Later, theses peoples will be called " Dunari" by Central Retenians.

1392 BC* - 1386 BC*: Queen Amaradakhata unite the seven kingdom and found the Amarenu kingdom ruled by Amarenu dynasty.

1250 BC*: Amarenu kingdom expand to the south till the ocean.

1100 BC: Extinction of  Southern Retenic in southern and south-eastern parts of Retenia, replaced by  Old Retenian.

1067 BC*: Military campaign of King Dayarsin IV against the Dunaris. Amarenu kingdom occupes the territories around the Dawra river at north and high Nimatara river at south of the Dunaris homeland.

974 BC*: Revolts of the Dunaris

971 BC*: Destruction of Amedura by Ulkurash The Great, king of the Dunaris and fall of the Amarenu kingdom. Ulkurash the great became the "Emperor of all Raytas and Dunaris".

969 BC*: Ulkurash choose Tauraya (nowadays called Etora) as capital for his empire. It's a city between the Central Plain and the South-Eastern mountain range between central and southern Retenia. The local dialect of  Old Retenian, called  Taurayan, became the new official language and lingua franca in the Taurayan empire.

700 BC - 600 BC: Intensification of trading between South-East Retenia (Especially the cities of Anenara and Awkuda in the Taurayan Empire) and the Mediterranean sea.
A new writing system based on the Phoenician abjad is created in South-East Retenia.

600 BC - 500 BC: Migration and installation of Celts (Gaulish) in North-West of Retenia.

436 BC - 434 BC: Succession war in the Taurayan Empire.

434 BC: The city of Anenara became independant from the Taurayan Empire.

230 BC -180 BC: Gaulish invasions of Central Retenia from the North-West.

224 BC: Collapse of the Taurayan Empire

110 BC - 60 BC: Domination of a great part of the Central Plain by the Limani clan (they were one of the celtic clans that invade the Retenian Central Plain but they adopted the culture and language of Retenians).

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