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New vocab (Tep Jeks)
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New words not yet officially in the Arusian language will go here.
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13. Word Order ? ?
Menu 1. scej pet
[edit] [top]scej pet

,aat mes.o,r with pencil
ag arapah n. Boot
lefalh n. level
ces-aFh n. Physics
onF ceud
. -jeb as ce,av rcev ul .
,auoah n. Look, appeal
auoa n. Sight, vision
,auad n. Food/snack
auad n. Feast, eating
ab aus uP n. Afternoon
Tea aus uP n. After midnight
,aeau n. Morning, (00:00-11:59)
,aarM n. Night (12:00-23:59)
oN ,aeau n. Noon
oN ,aarM n. Midnight

. sarmes ul as ,aat u,r .
. sarmes ul as ,aat me-j.o ,r .
. ul rM os rTed u ,at rt leuj .
. rTed ul as u At rt TuN .
. rt os rTed ul as At .
. ruo mrov as u aeuk as jev .
. os rok mrov as jev .
. suP u mrov as jev .
. Tmab as u s,ab ,ab as road ul ruo ul .

When 3S is the topic, 3S is always the form su and never so.

Word of the Day
,aath L
Meaning: n. Lake

Example: We swim at the lake.
. s,auJ ul ,at as aul ,aap,r .
Erpaei lua sa tei-lu jhueis.
at lake (Linker) (inclusive we) fish-like

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